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  • Minh Tsai
    Jul 8, 2011
      Hi Stephane,

      I like your dashboard quite a bit and I want to offer a few suggestions.

      1. The dashboard is missing some kind of baseline to measure from -- something that can account for seasonality changes. For example, if the company is entering their high season, a 2% up tick might be a bad thing if they are expecting 5% or more. This can usually be solved overlaying the previous year's data on the graph. It is easier to see than just having the "same month last year" number.

      2. As an extension of #1 above, having some kind of estimated forecast based on previous number for the next month/period would make it more actionable for managers and executives.

      Otherwise, I think your dashboard has a lot of potential.


      --- In webanalytics@yahoogroups.com, "stephane3d2011" <stephane3d@...> wrote:
      > Hi Web analytics gurus!
      > I'm looking for opinions on my new Web analytics project. I
      > developed a tool that generates executive dashboard based on Google
      > Analytics. This is derived from custom executive dashboards I previously
      > created for some customers. I made a tool out of it.
      > Now before launching it officially, I'd like to get some opinion
      > about it. Is it a great idea? Is it an epic fail? Is it useful? Simple
      > and easy? And so onÂ…
      > I have to tell that this is made especially for managers and executives,
      > not for Web analysts. However, Web analysts are important in that game
      > because they are the one who will define KPIs, setup the dashboard and
      > do the client / manager follow-up.
      > In return, I'll be glad to offer five dashboards for one year for
      > free.
      > You can see the online demo here: http://dashthis.com/home/Demo
      > <http://dashthis.com/home/Demo>
      > Thanks for any comment or suggestion.
      > Stephane Guerin
      > Founder of DashThis!
      > [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
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