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28195Re: [webanalytics] Executive dashboards for Google Analytics

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  • Evan J Andrews
    Jul 8, 2011
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      I like the clean lines and UI, and while tweaks can obviously be made the
      look and feel is a good start for sure. I also like the trending lines which
      are missing from a surprising number of C-suite dash's I've come across in
      my career. The red/green arrows and color scheme are also simple and
      effective and usually well received by senior stakeholders (akin to a CNBC
      stock chart). I'd like to see roll-over notes directly on the trend lines so
      you can annotate spot outliers and anomalies directly on the lines

      Looking forward to seeing the product mature and evolve!

      *evan andrews* | data lead, strategy + analysis | *Sapient**Nitro*


      On Thu, Jul 7, 2011 at 12:24 PM, stephane3d2011 <stephane3d@...>wrote:

      > **
      > Hi Web analytics gurus!
      > I'm looking for opinions on my new Web analytics project. I
      > developed a tool that generates executive dashboard based on Google
      > Analytics. This is derived from custom executive dashboards I previously
      > created for some customers. I made a tool out of it.
      > Now before launching it officially, I'd like to get some opinion
      > about it. Is it a great idea? Is it an epic fail? Is it useful? Simple
      > and easy? And so on�
      > I have to tell that this is made especially for managers and executives,
      > not for Web analysts. However, Web analysts are important in that game
      > because they are the one who will define KPIs, setup the dashboard and
      > do the client / manager follow-up.
      > In return, I'll be glad to offer five dashboards for one year for
      > free.
      > You can see the online demo here: http://dashthis.com/home/Demo
      > <http://dashthis.com/home/Demo>
      > Thanks for any comment or suggestion.
      > Stephane Guerin
      > Founder of DashThis!
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