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27607Re: Pathing and s.props in Omniture

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  • bigteddymac
    Mar 1, 2011
      If I'm understanding your issue correctly, it sounds like you are on the right track with Data Warehouse. Consider submitting data warehouse requests for overall visits, pageviews, and time spent for two segments: 1) where visit includes prop of "Home > SiteX" and 2) where visit does NOT include prop of "Home > SiteX." Some variations of those requests may also work for you.

      And if you have pageview events setup, consider enabling participation on those breadcrumb props so you can see the impact on pageviews after that prop was triggered. For example, "after hitting Home > Site X visitors are averaging 8 additional pages per visit." You can do that with other events as well.

      --- In webanalytics@yahoogroups.com, Lee Romero <pekadad@...> wrote:
      > Hi all - this seems like a pretty basic question but I want to be sure
      > I am understanding the interaction between path lengths and s.props in
      > Omniture.
      > I am working in an implementation where we capture a variety of things
      > in s.props for each page view. This is on an intranet implementation
      > (though I don't think that matters). One thing we capture in an
      > s.prop is the "bread crumb" to the page - i.e., the pages location in
      > the site hierarchy. Let's say that the value of this s.prop is
      > something like "Home > Site1 > Site2 > Site3" (where Site2 is a 'child
      > site' of Site1, etc.).
      > We recently implemented a new family of sub-sites on the portal.
      > Let's say that all of these sites have a breadcrumb that start with,
      > "Home > SiteX" (they're all sub-sites of "SiteX").
      > I am trying to determine the impact of the availability of this set of
      > sites on traffic on the site.
      > One specific question I'm considering is does the availability and
      > usage of this family of sites impact the average path length of a
      > visit? (The theory is that if a user uses one of these sites, their
      > visit is "more efficient" and they need fewer clicks to get to what
      > they need to accomplish their task.)
      > I can run a report from the Omniture data warehouse that will show me
      > the path length for a segment defined with a rule like, "Include
      > visits where the 'bread crumb s.prop' starts with 'Home > SiteX'".
      > That doesn't seem logically correct though - this will end up showing
      > me a report of page view events where the page being viewed has a
      > breadcrumb that matches the filter. This isn't giving me the path
      > length of the visits but the number of pages viewed up to the moment a
      > user hits a page in this set. Correct?
      > Am I understanding this correct?
      > I think this is where we might need to investigate evars (I think the
      > value persists over a visit, right?), which, so far, we have not had
      > reason to use.
      > Lastly - any other ideas on metrics I might examine to determine the
      > impact of the availability of these sites on visits?
      > Thanks for any insights you have.
      > Regards
      > Lee Romero
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