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27598Tracking onsite search correctly with Omniture

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  • Dave
    Feb 28, 2011
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      Hello all,

      We've recently implemented Zoom Search on our website, which is tagged and tracked with Omniture tags, and I've been tasked with getting some usable, actionable, MI from the the search tool.

      I've successfully implemented the getQueryParam to pull the search string into a prop (for counting) and an eVar (to track conversion), and set an event "Internal Search" on the search results page. And everything seemed fine, to start with.

      However, I'm having trouble with the volume of searches. If a visitor searches for "widget", and does not find what they want on the first page with results 1-10, they then click 11-20. And, because it's the same page which hosts the search results, the same URL loads, and the event fires again - another search for "widget".

      Is there an easy way to deduplicate the visitors who carry out a multiple-page search, clicking from 1-10 to 11-20, then back to 1-10, then 11-20 and 21-30. These people are easy to identify when they search for "wigdet" or "very specific widget" but they're messing up my data.

      Can anybody help, please?


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