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27582Re: [webanalytics] Site search in Google Analytics and filters

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  • Julien Coquet
    Feb 26, 2011
      Hi Pawel,

      Internal search in GA is processed *before* profile filters ;-(

      So you either need to manipulate the URL before it is passed to
      _trackPageview or rewrite the URL in your tag with PHP or what have you.

      Hope that helps!

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      On 26 févr. 2011, at 08:33, "pogonowski@..." <pogonowski@...>


      I have some problems implementing site search in GA. Due to the fact that on
      website there is some ajax filtering implemented we not only catch search
      query to GA but also parameters that define filtering. Because of seo
      reasons the site search URLs that get passed to GA look like this:


      So I implemented the site search with query parameter: search

      Search queries that popped up in my reports were (for the above example):


      I wanted to refine it a little bit so I implemented a filter that changed
      the order in the url to:


      The filter seems to work fine as in top content report the url look as I
      wanted them to do (screen: http://awesomescreenshot.com/0a887m922) however
      the search terms did not change at all! (screen:

      Does this mean that the site search settings are implemented before filters?
      If so do you think it is the way it should be or is it a kind of bug that GA
      team doesnt know about? :)


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