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27062Data QA Tool Recommendations

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  • Richard
    Dec 1, 2010
      I'm looking for a tool to help us with QA'ing data sourced from our web analytics tool as well as other analytics related tools such as our email provider, our internal search tool, our campaign management tool, etc...etc...

      In short, we extract data from all of these different sources and then pass them to a 3rd party to populate a dashboard with. The problem is that sometimes our data drops (because a tag was dropped, for instance) or something crazy happens and we are hyper-inflating numbers. We would like to pass our data through a tool before it gets sent to our dashboard vendor as a data QA step.

      In my mind, the tool would...
      -Verify that the data is there
      -Look at the data and compare it to historical trends
      -Make sure that each field is within an acceptable customizable threshold
      -Alert us if any exceptions exist

      Any suggestions are appreciated?

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