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26994Re: Why does A/B testing work?

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  • Andrew Edwards
    Nov 8, 2010
      Hello Craig--

      Just to distill items I have observed in practice. . .

      A/B "works" when it demonstrates divergent results from different
      creative; and when the organization can do something about it.

      Automated trial and error, really--with follow-up and iteration required
      for success.

      That said, in the responses I have noted a lack of concentration on the
      source of creative, or the notion of "quality". All of which is fine and
      adheres to a favorite quote I've heard from Thorogood Partners:
      "Creative without conversion is worth zero."

      But creative shops are still playing such large roles in decisionmaking.
      What is their role in a marketing world ruled by quantitative
      testing--where the "creative genius" is not only second-guessed but
      proven incorrect?

      Are the creative departments of digital agencies wandering in a thicket
      or do they still drive value?

      Just wondering.


      Andrew Edwards
      Technology Leaders
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