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26960Re: Google Analytics vs. Open Ad Stream

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  • gmac88
    Nov 1, 2010
      You can have many clicks within a visit - not common but it can happen. Normally clicks will be higher than your visits. A Visit is a sesion and normally the default expiration of a session is 30min after the session ends. If I click the back button and re-click the link or ad I now have 2 clicks associated to 1 visit.

      There are ways to prevent inflating clicks associated to a visit that happen within the same session by creating a GETVALONCE on the GA js script. Unfortunately this will not prevent clicks with OAS or other Ad servers. You are esentially apples to oranges on using click in one system and a visit in another. the methodologies are much differnt in terms of allocation and attribution.

      An additional option is to match the tags and cookie methods for visits in your Ad server to your visits in your analytics system therefore visits to visits should be the same as long as you have a Ad Tag on the same pages as your analytics tags and you have the same colletion rules.

      Lastly another mechnism might be to use a universal tag so you can manage the methodology on allocation and attribution and have everything centralized in one tag for all systems.

      The bottom line is you need like metrics and like metholdologies before you compare the metrics between severla systems. a click and visit are not the same in this scenario.

      --- In webanalytics@yahoogroups.com, "tglaszek" <tglaszek@...> wrote:
      > Can someone please direct me to a good resource that explains reasons for discrepancies between OAS clicks and GA visits? Or reasons for discrepancies in reporting between GA and any ad server (i.e. Dart)?
      > Thanks!
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