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2667Re: [webanalytics] Re: First Party Vs. Third Party Cookie

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  • Joe Wilson
    Jun 1, 2005
      Stephen Turner wrote:

      >I think that's a fair point. Individuals put that balance in different
      >places, and different cultures do too. In particular, Europeans tend
      >to be much more skeptical of "rights of a business" in general. With
      >regard to personal data, in the UK we have laws requiring businesses
      >to reveal all personal data they hold about me for a £10 fee, and
      >to give me an opportunity at data collection time to opt out of having
      >my details passed to any other company. So I think the average
      >European and the average American may have different perspectives on
      Undoubtedly true on all accounts. In fact, I have no problem with the
      process you describe. It is very much in line with the principles of
      the NAI and I suspect would be acceptable to most publishers in the US
      as well.

      Out of curiosity, how is "personal data" defined? Does it include
      anonymous behavioral information (i.e. clickstream data)? If so, that
      would seem an enormous burden on the business to keep behavioral data
      around in detail form for some period of time.

      We do not yet do business in Europe so I have managed to remain
      willfully ignorant (other than a basic familiarity) of European privacy
      regulations. Frankly, just keeping up with the state of affairs in the
      US is more than enough to keep me occupied. :o)
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