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26505RE: [webanalytics] need help selecting a metric for custom onclicks in Omniture

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  • Craig Scribner
    Aug 6, 2010
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      In all my live long days I've never seen a report where the Visit count
      exceeded the Page Views or Instances count for a line item. It sounds like a
      bug to me-from time to time as Omniture's extending its hardware or moving
      data from one machine to another, they miss a pointer somewhere and some
      data gets left out of reports. When I've experienced this, they've been able
      to find the problem and fix the reports, so nothing was really lost once we
      sorted out the problem.

      I suggest you take this to them directly.

      Good luck!


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      Subject: [webanalytics] need help selecting a metric for custom onclicks in

      We capture multiple onclicks on our site with same link name. We
      differentiate between onclicks using a prop (say abc, xyz, etc.). I know for
      the fact that pageviews metric is not available for custom onclick. But I
      assume we can get the pageview metric for the prop that we capture along
      with the onclick.
      When I pull a report for that prop with visits and pageviews metric, the
      data for pageviews is much less compared to visits which does not make

      e.g.: There is a web page that has 10 links tracked with same custom link
      name and same prop value. If the user clicks on all 10 links, will the prop
      report have visits = 1 and pageviews = 10?

      Any idea what is more accurate metric for this scenario?

      Thanks in advance!


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