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25973Re: [webanalytics] Re: GA's capabilities reporting on online games consoles - PS3/X-box/wii etc?

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  • Luca Vicini
    May 13, 2010
      Salaam is very right. You won't find console traffic under the Mobile
      devices report. You will find it in the "Visitor/Browser
      Capabilities/Operating systems" report or alternatively in the
      "Visitor/Browser Capabilities/Browsers and OS" report.
      For example traffic from the Wii browser is coming under "Nintendo Wii"
      and "Opera / Nintendo Wii" respectively.


      On 13/05/2010 10:48, Salaam wrote:
      > Hey Matt the stat lol, I'm new to web analytics myself. I guess a good
      > place to start is to see if you are getting some traffic to your
      > websites through games consoles would be to check the visitors section
      > under operating systems.
      > Maybe you could try some test runs by using your games consoles or a
      > friends and checking the following day if it had been registered under
      > operating systems. Consoles would not come under Microsoft, Apple MAC,
      > so you can easily spot new traffic from a console.
      > Anyway this is just an idea. Maybe it might work maybe not, only one
      > way to find out.
      > Regards
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      > <mattkopka@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > Im aware I can get a run down of mobile visits from my GA reports
      > but can not seem to find any reports detailing the visits our sites
      > are recieving from online games consoles. Can anyone provide some
      > steering please?
      > >

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