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  • insightrjames
    Nov 1, 2009
      Hi Jiri,
      Thanks for linking to my comparison article and document. Let me give a
      little thought on the process I went through to create this document.
      First of all, this was very challenging to prepare - mostly both of the
      tools offer a very wide range of capabilities, many of these are almost
      identical, others are very different. What made this much more
      interesting was the 20 Oct release of Google Analytics which narrowed
      the differences between the two products!
      The scoring was a challenge - I based this on a heuristic model assuming
      what my clients would want, and how I would want to draw analyses for
      them. I understand this might be seen as weighted on the YWA side,
      particularly as very few people will have access to YWA and will need to
      rely on my scoring.
      I'll be the first to admit that YWA is, well, doesn't have the most
      attractive user interface - but pretty charts do not make good data,
      which is why I decided to go through each and every feature (though I'm
      sure I've missed a lot..) to make this as wide as possible. With this in
      mind, the scores have no weighting attached to them - I realise some
      folks will decide certain produce / support features are significantly
      more important than others (eg does the existence of report commenting
      and calendar events count for the same as an api which open source
      developers have built on? I'd say not). This is why the comparison tried
      to avoid opinion, and by all means I'd encourage you to look at the
      features and create your own scoring methodology.
      A couple of people have asked some interesting questions, so let me
      address those:
      What would have scored 100%? Omniture perhaps? This is a great question!
      I avoided giving any '10' scores because that would have suggested
      perfection and no need to improve. There's always room for improvement!
      With the Omniture situation it becomes way more complex, as many have
      pointed out to me in the past and I've seen in corporate installations
      the Omniture account and support network is as important as the product,
      with that in mind when we look to the Omniture (Adobe?) products we're
      not just dealing with one - so any rating would be based on a particular
      product: that's a lot of work! Site Catalyst though in many respects is
      weaker than both GA and YWA (how many of you have tried creating an
      ad-hoc segment in Site Catalyst without Discover on Demand..?). There
      are many things I'd like to see improved in YWA, as with GA - but since
      I'm a sample size of 1 I won't bore you with those requests beyond
      saying that the client needs to own the data, for me this means having
      cookie level access to the datawarehouse, without this you only have a
      reporting tool.
      What about the Google Analytics blogging and community, don't they make
      the product better? Very true. The GAAC bloggers who I referenced in the
      document (VKI Studios, Epikone, ROI Revolution) along with all the other
      GA bloggers have done a tremendous job of provide free community driven
      education and tips / tricks that take the product from average to
      awesome. In my early days of using GA I'll be the first to admit that
      blog search over official GA help was always the first place I'd look.
      The way YWA support clients is different: it's still a super-niche
      product, so there are very few bloggers out there yet - though I am
      expecting this to change..
      I hope this was helpful!
      Cheers, James
      Insightr ConsultingSingapore
      --- In webanalytics@yahoogroups.com, "jiri.brazda" <jiri.brazda@...>
      > Hi!
      > If you've ever wondered in what ways exactly is Yahoo Web Analytics
      better or worse compared to Google Analytics I'd like to point you to a
      very thorough material posted by James Dutton of Insightr on his blog:
      > The Ultimate Comparison between Google Analytics & Yahoo Web
      Analytics: http://bit.ly/1gHEs0
      > Though I think it is a very fair comparison giving credit where it's
      rightfully due some people may disagree with the overall marks:
      > Google Analytics: 52.7%
      > Yahoo Web Analytics: 78.8%
      > I along with James would like to hear your views on the two products
      side by side.
      > Google Analytics clearly made a huge step forward with the recent
      improvements but is it enough for the enterprise? Or better yet, because
      let's be frank - large enterprises tend to be inflexible dinosaurs, is
      it enough for the sharks in online retail, financial services and other
      markets where you have to face increasingly sophisticated online
      > PS. I also wonder what is the 100% reference point to you?
      > Cheers
      > Jiri Brazda
      > Optimics.cz - member of YWACN

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