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22327Re: [webanalytics] Re: Best Practices for Tagging a Non-commerce Site

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  • Kiran R
    May 1, 2009
      I have tracked a non e-commerce business site before but that was tracking a site that had learning content - the objective being to eventually drive the visitor who comes to learn about the site to make a purchase.In such a non e-commerce case key metrics could be:Repeat Metrics: % of Repeat visits
      Duration Metrics: Visit Duration/Page Duration
      Engagement Metrics: Number of clicksDrive to purchase metrics: %age of visitors that end up purchasing on the siteAbandonment Metrics: Bounce,Leakage
      Given that in your site, the objective is not to make a purchase AND you cannot have cookies, 1. and 4. are gone. So you are left with the rest.

      Some hints that I can give you from experience
      Look for 5-abandonment metrics. It is the most important metric. If the bounce is high for a non e-commerce site, then probably no point in advertising to get traffic in there - IMPROVE THE CONTENTEngagement metrics: Number of clicks, visit/page view duration are equally important - Less engagement means that the site is not doing its jobAlso look at the metrics by individual page for the top 10 % of the pages. You might find a few lemons thereThanks
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      > I'm about to start an implementation with Omniture for a news site and am looking for some posts/sites that discuss best practices. My previous experience has all been with ecommerce tagging so while the principles are the same, with ecommerce you have that anchor point of driving people to a cart. I assume that to start, we need to define what we consider a successful visit, and then use that as an anchor point but I'm interested to learn more about how other people tackle non-commerce sites. To complicate things, we're not allowed to use cookies, so new versus repeat type metrics are off limits.


      > Any help/direction you can give me would be greatly appreciated!


      > Thanks,

      > Jenny


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