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22279tracking newsletter visits in webtrends

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  • syedspiky
    Apr 29, 2009
      Hi all webtrends experts

      I've asked a few questions here and always recieved some reliable answers from experts and that's why I always come back here. Please help me in the following question please.

      We recently have been experiencing big discrepancy in tracking newsletter visits. The newsletter visits reporting with campaign id have been fine and almost accurate about a month ago. But recently it's showing very very low figures which isn't anywhere near to the other systems (E.g. silverpop) we use to track newsletter visits.

      Just to explain how clicks in our newsletter finally reaches to our website:

      At first it goes to silverpop , then go to our own internal server (when wt.mc_id fires off)and then gets redirected to our website.

      the internal server page (when wt.mc_id fires off) don't have webtrends code and don't know that has been there before. Can anybody help please?
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