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20482Re: Need feedback on sawmill.net

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  • amitonebit
    Dec 9, 2008
      I'm not sure i got it all :)

      So...what they mean is that you can't see how many
      visits (sessions) made from a certain referrer
      or in other words you can't see any other dimension
      like visitor systems (and how many visits each generated)
      or geo location (and visits each location generated)


      Did i get it right?

      Thanks for your help.

      --- In webanalytics@yahoogroups.com, "David Culbertson"
      <davidsculbertson@...> wrote:
      > Hi,
      > I am independent web marketing consultant and I use sawmill for a
      > couple of clients. It has many nice features and seems to be fairly
      > accurate (when compared with other log file analyzers) but the
      > version (7.x) does have a BIG issue: It doesn't provide referrer
      > information for visits / sessions. Here's a reply that I got
      > from Sawmill on this issue in August of 2007:
      > ====================
      > There indeed to separate concepts here:
      > 1. Sessions (sometimes called "visits")
      > 2. Visitors (sometimes called "unique visitors")
      > Sawmill uses "sessions" and "visitors" to refer to these two.
      > we should use "unique visitors" instead of "visitors" is up in the
      > air; the question is whether "visitor" implies uniqueness strongly
      > enough that it can be used alone, or whether the uniqueness
      > implication is weak enough that it must be explicitly added with the
      > word "unique." WebTrends originally used "visitors" for this, as did
      > many other of the original analytics packages (including Sawmill,
      > which first shipped in 1996). Newer packages tend to call them
      > visitors"; I would call it a the style of the day. But I prefer
      > "visitors" alone, because I think the implication is that they are
      > unique, and it makes the tables look nicer when you use shorter
      > As for why we don't include Sessions in the Referrers table as a
      > separate column, well, cough, it's because we can't. Sawmill's
      > internal infrastructure keeps session information in a separate
      > which pretty well segregates session fields from non-session fields,
      > to the point that it's impossible to add a non-session field to a
      > session report (e.g., "bytes transferred" in the "session users"
      > report), or to add a session field to a non-session report (e.g.,
      > "sessions" to the "referrers" report). Sawmill computes session
      > information on-the-fly as the report is being generated, but
      > other fields during log processing. This is a very good choice in
      > ways (in particular, the log data does not have to be in
      > order), but it means that we can't compute sessions like we compute
      > other fields. The practical effect of this policy is the "session
      > fields and non-session fields don't mix" limitation. This is a basic
      > limitation of Sawmill 7, and there is not really any way around it.
      > However, in Sawmill 8, we have done the huge amount of work required
      > to fundamentally change our reporting and database infrastructure to
      > make session fields analogous to non-session fields. In Sawmill 8,
      > will be able to see "sessions" in the Referrers report, and it will
      > there by default. Sawmill 8 will ship later this year.
      > =========================
      > Sawmill 8 is currently in Alpha. I have not tried it so I don't know
      > if they actually fixed this issue as promised.
      > - Dave Culbertson
      > www.lightbulbinteractive.com
      > --- In webanalytics@yahoogroups.com, "amitonebit" <amit.ohayon@>
      > >
      > > Hi,
      > > We are looking to use some log file analysis tools,
      > > A one that is a real option other than web trends
      > > is sawmill. Any feedbacks on how customizable is it?
      > > how stable and accurate and such..?
      > >
      > > Thanks.
      > >
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