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19929Re: Why do we still need Omniture?

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  • mfeiner17
    Nov 1, 2008

      No doubt Omniture has much more to offer than GA. Your list below is
      spot on. However, with this richness of features/capability often
      comes complexity - it is not an easy tool to use unless you are a
      dedicated web analyst.

      Most my clients are marketers. I often get the "how do I find..."
      and "what does it mean..." questions from those using Omniture. Far
      more than with other WA solutions.

      It is all about segmentation isn't it? Well, I think we should apply
      the same rule to the tools themselves.

      GA is a great entry level tool ideal for online marketers (+ the
      technical savvy that can squeeze a lot more out of it). Omniture is a
      top level enterprise tool for data driven organisations.

      Interestingly, I think that certain companies could actually benefit
      from downgrading to a tool like GA. This is especially true when no
      dedicated web analytics resource is available.

      They might end up unable to answer the more complex questions,
      however, they are less likely to suffer from analysis paralysis or
      tool complexity paralysis (which leads to non usage). Less data but
      possibly more insight because they will be using the data available.

      I can hear the echoes of the WA is easy/hard argument in the

      Hopefully, the likes of GA and Yahoo WA will push the envelope
      forcing the paid solutions to keep inproving sooner rather than later

      Think motion charts - I perdict this feature will change WA
      visualisation. Vendors will be pressed to create motional charts for
      the likes of trend analysis.

      Michael Feiner
      AEP Convert

      --- In webanalytics@yahoogroups.com, "Stephane Hamel" <shamel67@...>
      > Ho boy, ho boy!
      > this is going to be a very interesting thread!
      > Real time... ok, nice, but very few companies actually need it!
      > Couple of things, top of my head, but certainly not complete:
      > - custom metrics: way better than the single user variable offered
      > GA (and you can apply some rules on them, like duration, data type,
      > - calculated metrics: build new composite metrics
      > - export AND import API (GA API only allow you to download, not
      > your data)
      > - advanced dashboarding: create multiple dashboards, with advanced
      > widgets, share them, etc.
      > - collaboration features: annotations, forums, share bookmarks,
      > calculated metrics, dashboards, etc.
      > - integration with dozens of partners through Genesis, including
      > emails services, surveys, behavioral targeting, MVT, call centers
      > data, name it...
      > - Excel plugin (get real... who doesn't use Excel?)
      > - suite integration with Survey, Test & Target, internal Search,
      > - Discover is a very powerful BI & visualization tool
      > - very powerful campaign management tool called SearchCenter
      > - Datawarehouse feature (raw data queries, also import your own
      > - ASI filters (apply logic before data is being processed)
      > - more powerful conversion funnels/pathing rules
      > - outstanding documentation, training material, knowledge base
      > - ok, some people complain about support, but it is generally very
      > good (and for that matter, with GA you have to rely on independent
      > consulting agencies... you could do the same for Omniture if you
      > As much as I love Google Analytics, and with all due respect for
      > Avinash and the whole team at Google, I think GA is a good tool, but
      > those who can't understand the huge gap between it and a high end
      > solution such as SiteCatalyst are missing a big piece of the puzzle.
      > It's amazing the number of "pros" of web analytics who have emerged
      > the last 6 to 12 months because they suddenly discovered web
      > and have installed GA on their own site. And almost reminds me of
      > early days of the web, when anyone who could say what HTML stands
      > was a genius...
      > However, I must admit it was already difficult to convince managers
      > that "free" shouldn't be the 1st criteria when choosing a solution.
      > guess it will be even harder now!
      > I have no commercial interests either in Google Analytics or
      > SiteCatalyst, nor Coremetrics, Webtrends, Yahoo! Analytics, AT
      > Internet Xiti, and about 100 other tools... When consulting, I speak
      > fluent "web analytics" regardless of the tool, and heck! I have even
      > implemented and used most of them! :)
      > As a web analytics professional interested in education, market
      > research and R&D with WASP, I take great care of being independent
      > unbiased.
      > I look forward to others comments!
      > St├ęphane Hamel
      > http://immeria.net
      > --- In webanalytics@yahoogroups.com, "Paul Holstein" <paul@> wrote:
      > >
      > > OK, this question was bound to come up. Given Eric Peterson's
      > > post at Webanalyticsdemystified.com, it seams to me that Omniture
      > > better get ready to answer this question with conviction.
      > >
      > > I'll get things started by saying that Omniture provides near
      real time
      > > metrics. GA doesn't.
      > >
      > > So what do you think? Let's hear it.
      > >
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