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18193Re: [webanalytics] Google crawls FLASH

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  • Birger Friedrichs
    Jul 3, 2008
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      Hi Michaƫl,

      michaelnotte wrote:
      > In our case, for example a Flash microsite is often translated in
      > several languages. It is ONE Flash site but fed with text coming from
      > XML files containing local translations. So won't get indexed.
      > Or am I wrong?

      yes, using XML to generate multilingual flash presentations is a common
      As stated by Google the content will be indexed *but* separately and not
      as part of the flash file.

      Indexing is one question, the other one is: How well will the flash
      stuff rank on the SERPs? I don't think that it will beat the plain HTML
      pages with all the different HTML tags (b, strong, hx, anchor text...).
      Another problem with flash or not with flash itself but how it is often

      The site contains only *one* page with one flash object embedded. So
      while showing a lot of information on that page through the flash Google
      will only see one page. It might be better to break down the content
      into different topics and create several HTML pages with proper HTML
      titles for each topic. Then Google can index the different pages with
      the flash content separately. But I doubt that it will rank better than
      plain HTML pages. Of course it also depends on the inbound links. If you
      fire Thousands of relevant links to a flash page it can have a better
      ranking than a HTML version with less inbound links.

      I would currently not "hide" important content in flash. My 2 cents.

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