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17461RE: [webanalytics] Analtyics voor mobile phones.

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  • Craig Sullivan
    May 29, 2008
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      The efficiency of caching systems means that javascript tagging is
      always going to be more accurate than log files.

      There are local caches maintained by the browser (IE is particularly
      aggressive) and many ISPs (e.g. AOL) operate large banks of intermediate
      proxy servers that also do caching between client and origin server.
      The net effect of losing cached page views will make a serious dent in
      the figures.



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      I have to jump in on the 'analyzing server log files are not so
      accurate as JavaScript tagging' comment.

      Web server log analysis gives you the best picture of what happened on
      the web server. It remains an excellent tool for understanding the
      actual use of the resources, a great way of detecting and analyzing
      attacks on servers - overall a solid tool for a network administrator.

      JavaScript tagging usually circumvents caches (allowing you to measure
      page views even when the page wasn't requested from your server). It
      will either include a noscript tag in order to track HTTP clients
      without JavaScript, or ignore non-JavaScript enabled browsers,
      depending on tool and implementation, which has a unique set of
      implications. This type of tracking can be blocked by certain browser
      plugins. JavaScript is generally easier to implement, since it
      doesn't care about physical web server location, and can be
      outsourced. Generally, JavaScript tagging is the method preferred by
      business and marketing types - especially since it's more often tied
      to recognizable brand names.

      Personally, I would say outright that JavaScript tagging is less
      accurate (in the dictionary sense of accurate) than log analysis.
      However, the business of web analytics isn't knowing you had exactly
      107 page views - it's knowing that the number of visitors to the web
      site this month has increased in a statistically significant manner of
      the number of visitors last month. It's knowing that the tweaks made
      to the buying funnel have resulted in an increase in conversions.
      Most of the time it's not about numbers - it's about trends.

      On Wed, May 28, 2008 at 2:37 AM, emiel.kamzol <emiel.kamzol@...
      <mailto:emiel.kamzol%40gmail.com> > wrote:
      > Hi there,
      > I'm trying to find out how web analytics works for websites designed
      > for mobile phone's. I understand that its not working whit javascript
      > tagging and loading an 1x1 px image.
      > Is it true that it only works whit analyzing local server log file?
      > ore is there also another way? Because I understand that analyzing
      > server log files are not so accurate as javascript tagging.
      > Thanks in advance.

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