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166RE: [webanalytics] Re: Congratulations to Omniture, WebSideStory, WebTrends and IBM SurfAid ...

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  • Lawson, Matthew
    Aug 2, 2004
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      I can only speak for Coremetrics on this, but the CMP evaluation required an investment on the part of the vendor in terms of implementation and support resources.  We would have very much liked to participate in the evaluation, but are also managing rapid growth in our customer base.  In the end we made the difficult decision to keep our implementation and support resources focused on servicing our clients rather than participate in the study.
      We have participated in other vendor evaluations such as the recent Forrester Wave reports (http://www.coremetrics.com/news/media/2004/pr04_07_01_cm_leader.html), and will definitely consider participating in future CMP evaluations.
      Matt Lawson

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      Any idea why CentrPort, Core Metrics, Datanautics, and Sane Solutions
      declined to participate?

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      > Network Computing's Bruce Boardman is about to put an article on the
      > street giving top marks to Omniture with WebSideStory, WebTrends and
      > SurfAid following closely on their heels.  This article is pretty
      > well done, and mind you I was pretty critical of Boardman's work when
      > they started this process, they even include an interactive report
      > card so that you can play with the numbers (and make your favorite
      > vendor the top pick!)
      > Check it out:
      >      http://www.nwc.com/showitem.jhtml?articleID=20003001&pgno=1
      > A couple relevant things to this group (besides the obvious):
      >  * CMP looked at pricing and had this to say - "We also presented
      > pricing scenarios and asked for monthly recurring and other possible
      > charges. Our chart shows retail pricing. We won't divulge the pricing
      > CMP received, but our advice is, negotiate!" (So, as Mary and Jarid
      > were discussing, pricing is still very flexible from top vendors.)
      >  * Regarding some companies notably missing - "CentrPort, Core
      > Metrics, Datanautics and Sane Solutions declined to participate,
      > while the services from Maxamine and Route Science did not meet our
      > minimum require- ments." (He means Revenue Sciences I think ... I
      > don't know CentrPort, anyone?!)
      > Their summary, spun as a nod to the upcoming Olympics in Athens:
      > "We were pleasantly surprised by most of the services. Our Editor's
      > Choice, Omniture's SiteCatalyst, just edged out WebSideStory's HBX On-
      > Demand Web Analytics, thanks to its all-around good analytics--
      > delivered in a usable form--combined with supreme dynamic
      > segmentation. HBX has some sexy reporting features, though, and it
      > got rave reviews from our real users.
      > NetIQ's WebTrends service takes the bronze spot this time. NetIQ owns
      > the lion's share of the Web analytics market, according to Forrester
      > Research, thanks to the maturity of its standalone product, and we
      > like that it's offering a service with most of the same features.
      > IBM's SurfAid Analytics matched our top products feature for feature
      > and added lots of no-nonsense tools, but its price held it back.
      > Honorable mention goes to Manticore's Virtual Traffic Master, which
      > showed us good integration between Web analytics and e-mail."
      > This is one of the better pieces on analytics we've seen in awhile so
      > I'd encourage all of you to give it a read.  If any of you know Bruce
      > or Emily Sunderman (CMP's head of Web Analytics) tell them I
      > said, "Nice work!" and to join this discussion ;-)
      >     http://www.nwc.com/showitem.jhtml?articleID=20003001&pgno=1

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