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1594Re: > Path analysis by visits our visitors?

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  • jimmacintyreiv
    Mar 2, 2005
      It would be most beneficial for you to have the ability to look at
      paths from *both* of those points of view as well as some others.
      Generally the skeleton of a thorough web analytics schema looks
      something like:

      Visitors --<- Visits --<- Page Views --<- Impressions

      For any ordered set of pages or ordered sets of sets of pages that you
      include in a scenario you should be able to calculate Visitor, Visit,
      and Page View derived metrics for sets of steps (sequential or not) or

      The solution should also let you select the "Visitors" that . . or
      select the "Sessions" that. . . took a certain set of steps and then
      look at that segment of Visitors or Sessions using other analysis
      tools and metrics.

      In some cases it makes sense to use Visitors and in some cases it
      makes sense to use Sessions . . I tend to agree with you and like
      using Visitors better personnally.

      I use an interactive pathing analysis tool that uses Visitors, Visits
      or Page Views as a base and then allows me to color the path analysis
      by any other metric, so for instance I can start anywhere and for
      instance look down the paths with the highest retention rate or
      conversion rate. When I have identified a path to focus on I can
      select it and through doing so have a segment including that set of
      visitors (or sessions) to use for other analysis. . .

      Best regards,

      Jim MacIntyre
      Visual Sciences

      --- In webanalytics@yahoogroups.com, sdonic@s... wrote:
      > When trying to get reports on navigation paths (from or to a certain
      > or on scenarios (eg step by step process), do you think it is more
      > relevant to use visits or visitors?
      > Some say it is better to use visitors because it relates to the
      > human (or machine, depending on the sessionization method), some say
      it is
      > better to use visits since paths are calculated as a series of pages
      > viewed during a visit
      > I would prefer visitors, but I don't know of any vendor using the
      > metric in a graphic representation of path analysis
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