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15757Re: Thoughts on properly handling subdomains in GA?

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  • marshallsponder
    Mar 1, 2008
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      Hi David,

      I ran into this problem last year when I had an online travel agency for
      Ireland and Scotland that was buying traffic from TravelZoo and then
      sending it to a subdomain when they booked (ie: main domain was
      something like www.irishvacations.com and subdomain was

      All the subdomain pages seemed to be captured under Top Content - but
      when you went to those pages and looked back for the TravelZoo trafic,
      all that was coming up was the landing page on the irishvactions.com
      (not the real site url, btw).

      After pulling my hair out I found out that the GA tag was not properly
      set up to track subdomains. Fortunately, Justin C. has a pretty good
      writeup that should tell you everything you need (and we're looking at
      this at Monster.com - yeah, we're on WebTrends and moving over to Visual
      Sciences - but at the end of the day, we may use Google Analytics for a
      lot of other, lower end stuff - and this article really does address
      what we need to do and what you need to do).


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      --- In webanalytics@yahoogroups.com, "David Culbertson"
      <davidsculbertson@...> wrote:
      > Folks,
      > I've got a client, a university, who has some subdomains. For example:
      > main site: www.school.edu
      > undergrad site: undergrad.school.edu
      > MBA site: mba.school.edu
      > They're just getting going with Google Analytics. Each subdomain has
      > its own profile so they're being tracked separately. I am, however,
      > concerned about Google recognizing referrals between the domains.
      > Do I need to adjust the on-page script or add a filter to each profile
      > so that, as an example, referrals from www.school.edu to
      > undergrad.school.edu aren't identified as self-referrals?
      > David Culbertson
      > LightBulb Interactive
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