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15756Thoughts on properly handling subdomains in GA?

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  • David Culbertson
    Mar 1, 2008

      I've got a client, a university, who has some subdomains. For example:

      main site: www.school.edu
      undergrad site: undergrad.school.edu
      MBA site: mba.school.edu

      They're just getting going with Google Analytics. Each subdomain has
      its own profile so they're being tracked separately. I am, however,
      concerned about Google recognizing referrals between the domains.

      Do I need to adjust the on-page script or add a filter to each profile
      so that, as an example, referrals from www.school.edu to
      undergrad.school.edu aren't identified as self-referrals?

      David Culbertson
      LightBulb Interactive
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