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155Re: Re: [webanalytics] Re: Pricing of Analytics Solutions (was: Any Info on Pilot Software?)

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  • Jim Sterne
    Jul 30, 2004
      At 10:54 AM 7/30/2004, Eric Peterson wrote:
      Jim, I have to know, did both companies go for the "Then we'll install
      my software/implement my service, measure the additional sale you make
      over and above the projected numbers, and you pay me X% of the uplift.
      You win, I win, we all go get an ice cream cone" or did they simply
      agree on reasonable cost-based pricing?

      I ask since a number of people have proposed value-based pricing
      models but I'm not hearing very much about their adoption and success

      They went for cost plus. They essentially negotiated
      the web analytics company's profit over several years.

      ... and you know me, ever since the "chicken and the unicycle"
      incident I'm a skeptic.  Who would have thought that the chicken would
      react that way?  ;-)

      After the badger got involved,
      what did you expect?

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