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147Re: Pricing of Analytics Solutions (was: Any Info on Pilot Software?)

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  • jarid
    Jul 29, 2004
      (Long time listener, first time caller...)

      In terms of pricing of analytics solutions, I can only speak for the
      ASP model. But, I have no problem paying "per pageview". To me, the
      incremental costs to the vendor are based on my "usage", and
      my "usage" is how much data of mine they need to store. So,
      pageviews seems a relatively simple way of communicating/charging for

      But, what really gets me are the HUGE price differentials between
      vendors, and in some cases WITHIN the same vendor. Rumor has it some
      vendors will drop their prices over 50% during negotiations. This
      leads to customers paying greatly differing prices for the same exact
      service. Now the vendors might argue that each customer is unique,
      and requires different levels of service and functionality. But when
      one customer is paying x per pageview, and another is paying 2x, and
      yet another is paying .5x, all for the same volume of pageviews,
      something is wrong...

      P.S. Eric you can stop badgering me to participate now... ;)

      --- In webanalytics@yahoogroups.com, Jeff Seacrist
      <jeff.seacrist@w...> wrote:
      > But it certainly raises an interesting question -- What does this
      > believe is the most "fair" way to scale the pricing of analytics
      > Jeff Seacrist
      > Director of WebTrends Product Marketing
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