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14663[JOB] Principal Development Manager, Experimentation Platform

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  • Ron Kohavi
    Jan 7, 2008
      "We have an unprecedented opportunity to run A/B tests with online
      users and innovate more quickly based on actual user response.
      Microsoft needs to shift the culture from planning the exact features
      to planning a set of possible features, and letting customers guide
      -- Ray Ozzie, Chief Software Architect, Microsoft

      Do you want to transform the way people build features in websites
      and online services? Do you want to have impact across multiple
      products and services such as Live, MSN, and Microsoft.com? Do you
      want to take an influential role in a strong senior team with huge
      growth potential? Do you want to be part of the Software+Services
      revolution? Then join the Microsoft Experimentation Platform team

      The Experimentation Platform enables product teams to radically
      improve their offerings using controlled experiments with live users.
      The platform allows testing new ideas quickly using the best-known
      scientific method for establishing causality between a feature and
      its effects: randomized experimental design. The methodology is to
      expose a percentage of users to a new variation of the website or
      service, measure the effect on the business, and run statistical
      tests to determine whether the difference in metrics were caused by
      the change. Experimentation encourages more agile design and release
      cycles and can transform the way websites and online services are
      developed. We have been involved in multiple experiments where
      radical ideas led the introduction of features worth tens to hundreds
      of millions of dollars.

      The platform is to initially enable experimentation everywhere
      Microsoft has an online presence, whether website or services, then
      to take experimentation to the developer ecosystem.

      As the development manager, you will be responsible for leading and
      managing the development of a highly-scalable, highly-available
      platform, comprising of services to conduct experiments, and software
      to analyze the data, yielding insight through statistical and data
      mining techniques. Entrepreneurial spirit, ability to attract and
      mentor top talent, and technical leadership skills are important.
      You must have very high standards for quality, customer focus, and
      trustworthy results because experimentation provides the safety net
      for others to try ideas.
      • Strong technical leadership and proficiency in architecture
      and design, preferably including experience in web services and
      • Experience in managing a senior dev team, and growing dev-
      leads and SDEs
      • Strong track record of delivery
      • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to successfully
      collaborate with test, program management, and other groups with
      • At least 5-years of management experience
      • A CS degree or strong equivalent.
      • Energy and desire to deliver high-quality software quickly
      through agile development (we use Scrum)

      Additional valuable experience
      • Background in Statistics and/or Machine Learning/Data-Mining
      • Database and analytics experience (OLTP/ETL/OLAP)

      For more information, see examples of controlled experiments at
      http://exp-platform.com .

      To contact us, please e-mail rkjobs at microsoft dot you know what.

      - Ronny Kohavi, General Manager, Experimentation Platform