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  • eurolana
    Nov 27, 2007
      Helen and Craig,

      Thanks a bunch for your reply! I completely agree that Omniture should
      get rid of that distinction, it has done nothing but made my life hard
      as far as breaking down traffic by commerce and vice versa. Discover
      can be so slow at times compared to SiteCatalyst. I've had them set up
      2 for now and will go with 5 once I test how this works.

      Craig, when you say you mirror your s_prop and eVars, can you tell me
      how you do that? I don't have a background in IT, so any
      implementation I have done externally, however they always want to
      know the how and why? Can you elaborate a little bit? Unless can I do
      it on my own {I have administrative rights to Omniture}? Much thanks!


      --- In webanalytics@yahoogroups.com, "Scribner, Craig (Web Analytics
      and Testing)" <craig.scribner@...> wrote:
      > Helen alludes to the fact that in Omniture breakdown opportunities
      live in either the Commerce (eVar) world or the Traffic (prop) world.
      Correlations refer to traffic reports, while Subrelations refer to
      commerce reports. This was not by intelligent design, but rather a
      manifestation of how the tool evolved from a traffic tool to a traffic
      tool with conversion tools added. I remember one of Omniture's
      founders kicking around the idea of finally getting rid of the
      distinction from a technical standpoint, which I would love, because
      often the things I want to breakdown are Traffic reports (geo-Seg,
      Referring domains, etc.) by Commerce reports (campaigns, internal
      search terms, etc.). The solution as it stands is for me to mirror
      eVar values into an s_prop, or vice-versa.
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      > Subject: [webanalytics] Re: Correlation Examples
      > Hi Lana,
      > I typically subrelate by classifications, which are segments that one
      > can create for campaigns or eVars. For example, one campaign
      > classification I use is Channel: I can break down one of my
      > conversion activities, like registration, by Channel to see if DM,
      > email, or text ads are effective for driving registration.
      > Unfortunately, you are limited to 2 subrelations, but there are ways
      > around this. If you are breaking down several classifications, use
      > classification hierarchies located in the administration console;
      > this essentially creates segments, like a Channel & Source segment.
      > You can also use data warehouse to view multiple breakdowns at once.
      > ~Helen Vetrano
      > crameronline.com
      > --- In
      Lana Stojcic <eurolana@>
      > wrote:
      > >
      > > Hi all,
      > >
      > > I am getting ready to finally set up some correlations for
      > SiteCatalyst!
      > > I'm wondering if anyone can give me some "cool" and useful examples
      > of
      > > correlations [even subrelations] that are being used by some of
      > you... aside
      > > from the traditional/basic [and obvious] ones suggested by
      > Omniture???
      > >
      > > Much Thanks
      > > Lana
      > >
      > >
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