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13774Re: [webanalytics] Re: page tags vs web server logs diagram

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  • Steve
    Nov 1, 2007
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      On 11/1/07, Rachel <remtheory@...> wrote:
      > Hmm, I thought I posted this already, but still don't see it, so
      > perhaps not. In any case, I have to say, I'm really confused. I
      > thought that because you no longer have the problem of the ISP running
      > interference by going through, say, Virginia, where web files are
      > stored for speed (AOL is apparently notorious for this), you get a
      > clearer picture of where the user is actually coming from. Is this
      > wrong? Please, help me understand! I hate to think I'm giving out
      > wrong information. Why is this so dern complicated?


      It's complicated because YOU and YOUR issues aren't the problems that
      the builders of those networks are trying to solve.
      To be brutally frank: how easy or hard it is for YOU to identify where
      THEIR users are is not even vaguely on their list of priorities.

      All our users at work (4500 of 'em) appear to come via a Canberran
      based gateway. Many of them are not in Canberra or the ACT, but are
      scattered all over Australia and even globally. For a generic YOU to
      know where they truly are? Fuggaboudit. We all come from a single
      NAT'd IP Address. You'd never know where they are.

      I've been in a situation where to send emails to my wife 10km across
      town- in the same Federal Department! - our emails would traverse a
      3000km trip.

      Either way. Does it *really* matter? If you get the odd 1 in 10 wrong?
      Is that such a bad thing?

      I've not got a copy of WAD, but I really doubt Eric lied. :-)
      You may find this gives a rough idea of the size of the problem:
      Gotta love that dirty great big "Various Registrars" :-D

      - Steve
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