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1368Re: [webanalytics] Article: The Art & Science of Web Analytics

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  • brian@omegadm.co.uk
    Feb 3, 2005
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      Hi Dmitri - As a POC subscriber I read this on Tues but it is
      very king of you/POC to give access to it for free. We can
      certainly recommend them to any SEM company.

      Your answer to 'How much should you pay for Web Analytics?' is an
      excellent read that every company should be aware of. I have been
      trying to advise one client who's web site turns over at least
      £1m/month to get some king of analytics solution. Its like
      banging your head against a brick wall. They say 'our bookings
      are the only metric we need to judge success'. I have downloaded
      your ROI.xls spreadsheet...

      Log File Analysis vs. Page Tagging
      A great comparison. Bare in mind that software doesn't have to be
      a dedicated server or desktop machine. Some software quite
      happily sits on the web server itself, allowing access from
      anywhere with a web browser with no hardware cost.

      Great article.

      Best regards, Brian

      > Howdy y'all,
      > Search Engine News, which is the oldest paid subscription-only search engine
      > publication on the net, in February issue published my article, The Art &
      > Science of Web Analytics. I thought the article would be of interest to the
      > group.
      > The publisher, Planet Ocean Communications, has kindly extended the offer to
      > Webanalytics participants to access the entire February issue content,
      > including The Art & Science of Web Analytics, free of charge.
      > You can access the latest issue of Search Engine News as follows:
      > http://www.searchenginenews.com/se-news/
      > Username: subscriber
      > Password: cupid
      > Enjoy and keep on trackin'!
      > -d.
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