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1359RE: [webanalytics] Re: Does Broadband = unique permanent IP address?

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  • Akin Arikan
    Feb 2, 2005
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      Hi David,

      Thanks for checking. Yes, NetTracker uses the following for identifying
      visits and visitors depending on the best option that is available in
      each page-tag or log file record:

      - combination of IP + user agent
      - cookie or cookies
      - authenticated user names
      - URL parameters (in tags or logs) with visit or visitor data

      As you probably know, the correct use of cookies is an interesting
      challenge because the first time request of a visitor to a Web site will
      never have a cookie associated with it. So there is some significant
      magic that the software has to employ in order to still capture that
      first request and correctly associate it with the rest of the cookie'd


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      Does NetTracker currently use the combined approach (ip + user agent) to
      estimate the number of unique visitors?

      David Culbertson

      --- In webanalytics@yahoogroups.com, "Akin Arikan" <akin@s...> wrote:
      > >> Although not perfect I would be intested to hear any work done
      > this method (Ip + user- agent is much more reliable.) compared to
      > others.
      > Per your question above: We compared the results from sessionizing
      by IP
      > address alone vs. sessionizing by the combination of IP address
      with the
      > user agent string a while back. With the refined method of adding
      > user agent string into the equasion the number of visits measured
      > to increase by about 10% on the average. So I would say you get an
      > impressive 10% more accuracy with the combined approach.
      > Needless to say that neither approach is useful for tracking repeat
      > visit behavior. For that you want to capture either cookies or even
      > better user names.
      > Akin
      > NetTracker
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