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12827Re: [webanalytics] Re: G Analytics: incredible difference in bounce rate for /page.php and /page.php/

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  • Peter Michael Sopp
    Sep 4, 2007
      nevertrustab schrieb:
      > (...)
      > If I understand this correctly a page can only have a bounce rate >
      > 0%, if it gets traffic from outside the website (type-ins, direct
      > traffic from links, PI open PC, organic search).
      > But then how can a web page that users arrive at only from internal
      > navigation have any bounce rate, at all? Doesn't internal navigation
      > mean they are already on the site and thus it is not "almost always
      > not [] the first page", but it actually never is?
      > (Im just wondering if I understood this correctly)
      Just one idea: when opening one page without any action more than 30
      minutes - for instance: tabbed browsing - and go on to one more page
      before leaving the website the visitor will be counted as a one page
      visitor and you get a (wrong?) bounce rate of greater than 0.
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