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12826RE: [webanalytics] Re: Why do web analysts switch packages?

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  • Scribner, Craig (Web Analytics and Testi
    Sep 4, 2007
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      In my experience, the most pressure to switch comes either from new
      exec's that are used to a different tool, or some buzz is floating
      around about a new or different product.

      I went to vendor's conference three or four years ago, and one of the
      panelists asked his fellow users to raise our hands if our
      implementation was over a year old. To those 10 or 15 percent of
      respondents he grinned and said, "feels good, doesn't it?" I don't think
      that statement was a validation of the specific vendor we were all
      using, but more as a commentary on our profession. There is tremendous
      value in sticking with the system you've got. Being able to product
      baselines and benchmarks at any time for almost any user activity on our
      site is critical for developing new tests. We're tweaking our capture
      methods all the time to bring into focus pieces about which we've only
      had partial, "blurry" data. But thankfully we've never had to start

      One of my most valuable contributions to my current company has been
      dealing with the buzz surrounding an alternate solution by saying,
      "Sounds like a great idea. Let me put it on the shelf for you."

      PS. Please ignore this message if you're a vendor. Give us better tools
      or we'll jump ship this second! :-)

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