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12824RE: [webanalytics] G Analytics: incredible difference in bounce rate for /page.php and /page.php/

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  • Scribner, Craig (Web Analytics and Testi
    Sep 4, 2007
      Are the number of visitors to these two pages about the same? Or is the
      second page really just a freak aberration of the first? Percentage
      values like conversion or bounce rates lose their significance if the
      denominator is too small.


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      Subject: [webanalytics] G Analytics: incredible difference in bounce
      rate for /page.php and /page.php/

      I'm still a very beginner with Google Analytics and I'm seeing these
      2 pages:




      Both have a couple of thousand visitors so the sample size can
      definitely not explain this difference:

      One of the versions has a bounce rate of 8% and the other one has a
      bounce rate of 55%.

      How could this possibly be? I assume it's one and the same page. Is
      the reason that the webmaster (it's not my own site) is using
      page1.php and page1.php/ for different traffic streams (maybe the
      one for search and the other one for direct traffic esp. for type-
      ins which might have an incredibly low bounce rate as they've been
      to the site before, chose to come back and thus are unlikely to
      bounce off right away?


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