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12199Re: Newswires and page impressions

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  • Judah Phillips
    Jul 31, 2007
      I hear you Colin. I think it's a very good idea to have industry
      standards. I'm actually familiar with the certification.

      I think ABCe and related BPA stuff is known by media and internet
      professionals. I just haven't heard it mentioned in "web analytics" circles
      very much at all. I can testify that some major vendors played dumb when I
      asked about whether they conform or could withstand an audit/certification.
      CoreMetrics (hello Jane!) was the only company that complied with COUNTER as

      Maybe in the EU/UK, ABCe has more clout. But here in the US, I rarely hear
      people mentioning it.. That being said, I have great respect for
      the institution (even if the language for web measurement is
      standard-ly non-standard... heh ;)


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