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11676Re: [webanalytics] Re: Relationship between page load time and drop-off rate?

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  • Apurba Sen
    Jul 6 1:06 AM
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      Absolutely on the mark Pedro.

      Important elements should be called first..then the corresponding ads..the
      basic idea of progressive download of a page.:-)


      On 7/5/07, Pedro <pedro@...> wrote:
      > Some recent data I saw from a B2C website that I worked with found
      > that 4 seconds was the tipping point.
      > You lost a large percentage of your users at the 4 second mark. The
      > interesting thing to note was that optimizing a page from a 10 seconds
      > load time to 6 seconds made almost no difference, whereas
      > optimizations from 6 seconds to 4 seconds had a huge impact.
      > Then there's the issue of perceived load time vs. actual load time. If
      > pages load important elements very quickly, users didn't seem to have
      > a problem waiting longer for the full page to load.
      > Hope that helps a little bit.

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