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11635RE: [webanalytics] Blocking Internal Traffic

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  • Gus Kormeier
    Jul 3, 2007
      We block internal traffic from our reports, it is pretty much essential.

      Pretty much all the reasons that Brandon mentioned apply,


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      We don't block internal traffic, but rather segment them into another
      reporting suite with Omniture. Our CSRs place orders via a custom view of
      our website's checkout, so if we didn't segment them, then our conversion
      metrics would be drastically different. That would allow for terrific
      conversion metrics, but really won't help with decision making. :)

      If CSRs placing orders won't affect conversion, then you need to evaluate
      the type of operation. I've worked with companies that almost never visit
      their own website, and others that live and breathe within the website. In
      the latter scenario, your views/visit, time on site, page depth and other
      similar metrics will be rendered inaccurate.


      On 7/3/07, ecuman79 <milesplayground@...
      <mailto:milesplayground%40gmail.com> > wrote:
      > We have the ability within our analytics program to block our
      > internal/company traffic. I am wondering if there is a general
      > concensus or rule of thumb for doing so.
      > Of course without naming your company, I'd love to get a yes or no, as
      > to whether you currently do or don't block this traffic from your
      > overall numbers.
      > Thanks

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