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11588Re: [webanalytics] Relationship between page load time and drop-off rate?

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  • Steve
    Jul 1, 2007
      On 7/2/07, Jared M. Spool <jspool@...> wrote:
      > On Jul 1, 2007, at 5:49 AM, Apurba Sen wrote:
      > > Reminds me of 8 second rule :) i.e if users have to wait longer than 8
      > > seconds to download a Web page, they will go elsewhere.So any page
      > > load time
      > > greater than or equal to 8 sec should ideally mean 100 % drop off :)
      > Except the "8-second rule" is a complete fabrication with no basis in
      > actual user behavior.
      > http://www.uie.com/articles/download_time/
      > Turns out that users will wait for very long times, *if* they think
      > they are going to complete their tasks. Not only will they wait,
      > they'll rate the site as being fast.

      That's not what that article states.
      The article is talking about a hypothesis of "sites with faster
      download times would be more usable than slower sites".

      Nothing to do with abandonment - which was the original question.

      While I don't have anything concrete to hand, our own internal
      analytics & testing has shown that when we decreased the speed of each
      page load from ~ 5-7 seconds down to sub second, we did get a quite
      respectable increase in traffic. Something like 20-50% more from

      Being able to survive all the idiots who would spider us into oblivion
      was an obvious benefit to usability and reducing abandonment for our
      *other* users. ;-)

      - Steve
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