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11157Re: KPI for comparing WA vendors

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  • abbdrb
    May 31, 2007
      I think it really depends on the type of site you have and what are
      your analytics needs. I've had the chance to do analysis for a variety
      of different sites (retail, b2b, travel, financial, publishing, etc.)
      and have pretty good experience with three different WA tools. I have
      to say that given my druthers, I would not choose the same tool for
      each site, meaning there really wouldn't be a consistent set of KPIs I
      could use to tell me a tool is "good" or "bad." There are things you
      need to be able to measure on a content site that you don't need on a
      retail site and vice versa. And it also depends on how advanced are
      your analysis needs, so it becomes a matter of whether the vendor is a
      good fit for you.

      That being said, it would be kind of cool if there was a standard
      suite of benchmark analyses that could be run on different tools for
      comparison. Although most of the vendors can do most of the standard
      stuff, there's a *huge* difference in ease of use. I'll be interested
      to read how others go about selecting a new vendor.
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