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11050Re: [webanalytics] Re: Thoughts on that Jim Sterne Guy

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  • Jim Sterne
    May 24 6:12 PM
      I am awed and humbled.
      Thank you my friend.
      I hope all's well in Sweden....

      At 11:43 PM 5/23/2007, Eric Peterson wrote:

      >Jim Sterne is the venerable godfather of the web analytics industry.
      >I can honestly say that his 2000 white paper "Emetrics: Business
      >Metrics for the New Economy" changed my life. Previously I had been
      >focused on the nuts and bolts of web measurement: a necessary evil but
      >one seriously lacking any sex appeal.
      >Jim's paper opened my eyes to what is possible through web
      >measurement, describing in a way that only Jim can, the reason most of
      >us do what we do --- several years before any of us even started doing
      >it! Shortly after reading "Emetrics" I threw away my PERL manual and
      >focused on the business value that web analytics can provide.
      >Three books of my own, two online communities, and one global social
      >networking event later, I hang on every word that Jim Sterne has to
      >say and attend every event he produces.
      >I may be a "web analytics guru", but Jim is my guru.
      >Print it.
      >Eric T. Peterson
      >CEO and Principal Consultant
      >Web Analytics Demystified, Inc.
      >--- In
      >"lizwerhane" <lizwerhane@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > In addition to my day job working with Web analytics at a software
      > > company, I am a freelance writer. I'm writing an article for a
      > > business journal about Jim Sterne and Target Marketing, and I'm hoping
      > > to get some comments from people in the industry about him. You can
      > > post or email me directly at lizwerhane@... Please include your
      > > name, company and job title if you will allow me to use your comment
      > > in print. Essays welcome. Soundbites preferred.
      > >
      > > You might phrase your comments as a response to one of the following
      > > questions: What role does/has Jim Sterne played in the Web analytics
      > > industry? What's it like working with him? What, if anything, makes
      > > him stand out in the industry?
      > >
      > > Your deadline is end of day Thursday so that I can make my deadline.
      > > Thank you! My apologies for the unusual use of the message board.
      > >

      Emetrics Summit, The Web Analytics Conference
      Marketing Optimization Summit
      Washington D.C., Oct 14-17
      Jim Sterne <jsterne@...>
      http://www.targeting.com +1-805-965-3184
      Chairman, http://www.WebAnalyticsAssociation.org

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