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11049Re: Thoughts on that Jim Sterne Guy

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  • Stephane Hamel
    May 24, 2007
      I agree with Marcos:
      > He is like a mentor of gurus – his books, white papers and input on
      > various lists, blogs, forums etc steers topical Web Analytics
      > in the direction of action of using metrics to optimise web presence.

      Here's an abstract of one of my blog post:
      The first time I met Jim Sterne was at Spring Internet World'96 where
      he was already pitching about marketing on the Web. I went to him and
      asked, with my very bad English, "how can I become a speaker and a
      consultant like you?". "Write a book!" he said.

      Here I am, more than a decade later, blogging about web analytics and
      presenting a workshop on Website optimization in San Francisco.

      Sometimes, you come across people that become role models. I'm sure
      Jim involvement in the industry, his personality and vision are
      inspiring to a lot of us.

      Stéphane Hamel
      Practitioner & blogger
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