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11031Thoughts on that Jim Sterne Guy

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  • lizwerhane
    May 23, 2007
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      In addition to my day job working with Web analytics at a software
      company, I am a freelance writer. I'm writing an article for a
      business journal about Jim Sterne and Target Marketing, and I'm hoping
      to get some comments from people in the industry about him. You can
      post or email me directly at lizwerhane@.... Please include your
      name, company and job title if you will allow me to use your comment
      in print. Essays welcome. Soundbites preferred.

      You might phrase your comments as a response to one of the following
      questions: What role does/has Jim Sterne played in the Web analytics
      industry? What's it like working with him? What, if anything, makes
      him stand out in the industry?

      Your deadline is end of day Thursday so that I can make my deadline.
      Thank you! My apologies for the unusual use of the message board.
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