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10160Web Analytics Wednesday Brussels 18 April 2007 - Insights about rolling out a W

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  • René Dechamps Otamendi
    Apr 1, 2007
      (Event announcement cross posted in our Blog http://webanalytics.wordpress.com)

      As some of you might already be aware, we are organising a Web Analytics Wednesday in
      Brussels capital of Europe this month. It won't be the second wednesday of the month but
      the third due to the easter holidays. The Event is organized by the WAA and courteously
      sponsored by de Persgroep.

      As I had already the opportunity to comment on Eric's blog, we would like to make the
      event a bit more `brainy' by starting off with some knowledge/experiences sharing (you
      know us ;-)).

      The theme for this WAW will be:
      Insights about rolling out a Web Analytics project in a pan European perspective

      Regarding this theme we will have 2 presentations coming from a practitionner and a
      consultant. We believe that these two visions are complementary and thus we hope that
      you will find it interesting (register).

      Here's the Agenda for the event:

      16h45: Registration

      17h00: Welcome: Web Analytics Association Introduction (by René Dechamps Otamendi)

      Attendees will be explained about the mission and objectives of the Web Analytics
      Association. We will share with you some projects that we are planning in order to lift the
      European presence within the WAA and of course encourage atendees to become members
      of the Association (this is the only sales pitch that you will hear during this event ;-)).

      17h10: A pan European Web Analytics Journey from the inside: the case of Toyota
      Marketing Europe (by Michaël Notté)

      Michaël Notté has been working these past 3 years managing the Web Analytics of
      Toyota Europe. He is in charge of delivering Insights to all European countries for the
      Toyota and Lexus brands.
      Michaël will reveal the challenges that he has had during his journey and provide the
      audience with some Dos and Don'ts based on his experience.

      17h35: A pan European Web Analytics Journey from the outside: a Web Analytics
      consultant experience (by Julien Coquet)

      Julien Coquet used to work for a big worldwide consultancy company for many years
      before joining OX2. He was, among other projects, in charge of rolling out an EMEA Web
      Analytics project for one of the world leaders in the technology sector. He will provide the
      audience with tips and pitfalls about conducting a Web Analytics project on such a scale
      from a consultant perspective.

      18h00: Networking cocktail

      The cocktail sponsored by the Web Analytics Association is a unique opportunity for all
      Web Analytics Professionals (vendors, practitionners & consultants) to gather and share
      ideas and experiences. If you're serious about Web Analytics this is the place were you find
      your peers ;-)

      Location: The event will be held at De Persgroep HQ

      Registration: This is a free event but registration is compulsory on Eric Peterson's website

      Why this format? we wanted to start off with something concrete and show the 2 aspects
      of rolling out a WA project: from the inside compared to the outside, practitioner vs.
      external consultant. A WA project is not something you roll out and done, you need to
      tweak it. So, what would be the best solution for your company, in a short term and long
      term perspective. We hope the discussion following the presentations will be fruitful and
      invite all parties involved in WA to join us.

      René Dechamps Otamendi
      CEO OX2