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[JOB] Digital Implementation Manger, Pitney Bowes

Implementation is the foundation of a quality Digital Channel program - and we are hiring for this critical role here in Stamford, CT. Pitney Bowes is
Jan 23

Re: Getting Chartbeat Data --> Adobe Analytics ?

Sure Mark, Essentially, we’re starting to use Chartbeat data (via Report Builder) to do some site analysis as opposed to just providing real-time reporting.
Cross, Dan
Dec 13, 2016

Re: Getting Chartbeat Data --> Adobe Analytics ?

No, we didn’t. DTM is just a tag manager, not a data-hub. My goal was to get more accurate Chartbeat-style time on site stats with Adobe. Also, 90% of our
Katy Norris
Dec 12, 2016

Re: Getting Chartbeat Data --> Adobe Analytics ?

I'd be interested in hearing more about how you leverage the report builder chartbeat data. We are big chartbeat users, but report builder hasn't really
Mark Bowers
Dec 10, 2016

Re: Getting Chartbeat Data --> Adobe Analytics ?

Hi Katy, Did you consider using a data integration hub such as an mParticle or Segment.io? If so, I'd love to hear what benefits the DTM still had over a data
Dec 10, 2016

Re: Getting Chartbeat Data --> Adobe Analytics ?

Thanks for the idea Katie – cool solution! We are using DTM across a pretty substantial percentage of our sites, but hadn’t really weighed that option.
Cross, Dan
Dec 10, 2016

Re: Getting Chartbeat Data --> Adobe Analytics ?

Hey Dan, As a media company, we found Chartbeat really valuable too, but we didn’t want to invest in one more analytics solution. To replicate what Chartbeat
Katy Norris
Dec 10, 2016

Getting Chartbeat Data --> Adobe Analytics ?

Wondering if anyone has experience with getting Chartbeat Report Builder data API'd into Adobe Analytics. We're a content-focused company, and have found
Cross, Dan
Dec 9, 2016

Cross Domain Tracking help

Hello All, My company uses Google Analytics for tracking user behavior on the site as well as chrome extension. The user generally navigates between a website,
Sugam Khokhani
Dec 4, 2016

"Is that a lot?"

You know what it's like - you've presented your analysis and made your recommendation for change on the site. You've spent weeks analysing and segmenting, and
Nov 10, 2016

[JOB] Digital Analytics Consultant Needed in NYC

Hi, We are working with a major media & analytics agency in NYC on a contract to hire role. They need a Digital Analytics Consultant to work on a large Pharma
Matt Sparks
Oct 7, 2016

[JOB] Implementation Analytics Position NYC

Click below for more details - come work for an amazing organization that actually does GOOD in the world! We're a non-profit with great working hours,
Oct 6, 2016

[JOB] Customer Experience Consultant and Analyst Positions

Clicktale is hiring! If you want to join one of the most dynamic and innovative vendors in the digital analytics space as a consultant or an analyst, check out
Oct 6, 2016

Adobe Target - Image from one source and Content from Another

Hello all,  Need your help.  There is a deals and discounts page we want to run A/B test on. The deal offer comprises of an image and a text with dynamic
Yogita Wadhwa
Aug 28, 2016

A dashboard tool we've build for GA

Hey Guys, We've just launched Datadeck for GA on Product Hunt - https://www.producthunt.com/tech/google-analytics-dashboard-by-datadeck. It would be amazing if
Allen Zhao
Aug 2, 2016
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