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  • Problem solved, Once I found out the structure of each column in the history file, I was able to manually add each line to recover the stats. Bob Kdjamanka Karfa wrote: Hi, Much that I like to webalize at your blog,I have no knowledge whatsoever,of what you may or may not have lost during this '07 year. Advise? Why can't you forget about what is not retrievable and go on feeding...
    rob rob Nov 7, 2007
  • Dear Webalizers, It appears that during the last Linux upgrade, I lost all the data in my webalizer.hist file. The actual html files are all there in the directory but the history file only has this current months. This occurred at the end of October. I just checked the file again today and now only Novembers stats are in the history file. Is there a setting in the webalizer...
    rob rob Nov 5, 2007