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  • ...Whatever you do, make sure you backup your current stats just in case (more likely than not) you hose them in the process :) Cheers, Brad
    Bradford L. Barrett Feb 10, 2012
  • ...logs. Just start processing your logs from January 1st instead of February 1st after removing the incremental data file. Cheers, Brad
    Bradford L. Barrett Feb 9, 2012
  • ...the beginning of the current month. And yes, when using incremental mode, you MUST process logs in chronological order. Cheers, Brad -- >> yes... process them oldest to newest ;) > > How can I do that now that I've messed up and processed a newer one? > Can I...
    Bradford L. Barrett Feb 5, 2012
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  • ...in the log, that would be defined in the log file itself; (see the "Format" section of the document referenced above). Cheers, Brad
    Bradford L. Barrett Jan 3, 2012
  • ...definitions but there doesn't appear to be away to exclude "index." > Does anyone know if this is possible? > -- Bradford L. Barrett brad@^$1 A free electron in a sea of neutrons DoD#1750 KD4NAW The only thing Micro$oft has done for society, is make people believe...
    Bradford L. Barrett Aug 15, 2011
  • Sounds like you are having your config file read twice.. are you doing something like "-c webalizer.conf" on the command line when you run the program? If so, don't :) See the webalizer FAQ (question #11) -- On Sun, 26 Jun 2011, glenn_gagne wrote: > Hi, > > I have a weird problem that I don't understand. I added a HTMLTail > option in webalizer.conf file and when I generate it, I...
    Bradford L. Barrett Jun 26, 2011
  • Recompile the Webalizer against the new version of gd.. -- On Mon, 17 May 2010, Sara Pipe wrote: > Dear Ger, > > I also upgraded gd again. But no luck. I have gd-2.0.35 and it is giving the same error. > > :( > > --- On Mon, 5/17/10, Sara Pipe wrote: > > From: Sara Pipe > Subject: Re: [webalizer] webalizer hangs on "History file not found..." message > To: webalizer@^$1 > Date...
    Bradford L. Barrett May 17, 2010
  • > > > Is there a plan to make language changeable at runtime by an option? > > I am also interested in this enhancement. I am working on packaging > webalizer for inclusion in OpenSolaris and would like to provide > support for multiple languages, but without dynamic support, I'll be > forced to package just the English binary. Is there a patch I could > use to get runtime...
    Bradford L. Barrett Oct 2, 2008
  • > is it possible to use webalizer to trace the visits in a web site for > each individual user/IP address? To check wich URLs a visitor clicks > in a row? please see: http://www.webalizer.org/simpleton.html
    Bradford L. Barrett Sep 25, 2008
  • You do not need to specify --enable-dns with version 2.20, DNS support is enabled by default. Check the output from the configure script to see if any errors or warning were found which would disable it. To determine if DNS support is built into the binary, execute the following: webalizer -vV and if present, you will see "DNS IPv6" listed as one of the options. -- On Mon, 22 Sep...
    Bradford L. Barrett Sep 22, 2008