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RE: [webalizer] two more questions....

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  • Jean-Noel Hayart
    hi ... good answer ... good answer you haven t a limit to lines in serverlist file, but you have a limit to 250 active log in a folder (active is a file with
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 7, 2002
      > Op 07-01-2002 schreef sidvicious:
      > > 1-) I think that the webalizer is running too slow in my
      > > machine, is there something I can do in order to improve
      > > this speed?
      > > I think that webalizer taked a long time to analyze
      > > everything because it was the first time that it have
      > > runned on this machine... am I right?
      > The first time webalizer has to calculate everything, but
      > if you use the Incremental option, you can rename old
      > logfiles, so that they won't be processed a second time.

      good answer

      > > 2-) Is there a Virtual Hosts Limit for Webalizer or
      > > every virtual hosts declared on servers.conf will run?
      > > I have read about a limit of 300 Virtual Web Sites for
      > > each machine using Webalizer...
      > I'm not aware of a limit, but over 300 virtual web sites
      > for one host is a LOT for an IIS server.

      good answer
      you haven't a limit to lines in serverlist file, but you have a limit to 250
      active log in a folder (active is a file with correct extension, *.log )
      Cause i use static array for store this list

      > > if this limit exist, I think that I can duplicate the
      > > webalizer.exe in another folder, and run it as if I were
      > > in another server...
      > You could duplicate the config files and start webalizer with
      > a different config: webalizer -c webalizer2.conf

      yes an other good answer


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