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Re: [webalizer] strange spike in current day graphic

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  • Sentient Organism
    In message , Bradford L. Barre ... Done. ... I set it to no. And now everything works just fine.
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 21, 2001
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      In message <Pine.LNX.4.30.0111191318210.32477-100000@...>, "Bradford L. Barre
      tt" writes:
      | > Maybe it is some interaction with history and incremental. These are
      | > humungous logfiles that I have never bothered rolling over. Disk space
      | > is cheap and the sites aren't visited all that much. Here is the config
      | > file (minus the comments).
      | First off, if you don't rotate you logs more than once a month...
      | DO NOT use incremental mode, that is not what it's for.


      | > FoldSeqErr yes
      | Secondly, change the above to 'no'.. FoldSeqErr should not be used
      | except under vary rare circumstances, and in the current code, there
      | is a built in 'slop factor' that allows your log records to be up
      | to an hour out of sequence without problems, so the above is not
      | really useful any more.
      | > Has anyone seen this before? It's as if all the lines that
      | > somehow failed to be parsed were dumped in the last day processed.
      | That's what FoldSeqErr does :(

      I set it to no. And now everything works just fine. Case closed.

      Thanks for the help,
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