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Re: upgrade problem

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  • mstr9tls@yahoo.com
    Roger, Thank you very much. I just tried it and at least it ran. I m getting no valid records found but I can figure that out based on info I ve seen. The
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 17, 2001
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      Thank you very much. I just tried it and at least it ran. I'm getting
      "no valid records found" but I can figure that out based on info I've
      seen. The important thing is no application error! I'd tried 3
      different versions but not R3.

      Thank You!

      Bill Werle

      --- In webalizer@y..., Roger Ernst <roger.ernst@t...> wrote:
      > Hello Bill
      > I had the same problem after the upgrade to 2.01.06.RB04 on NT 4.0,
      Sp6 and
      > IIS4.
      > After this i have downloaded the older webalizer version (not
      > the beta R04!) and now it works.
      > Which version do have you downloaded? If it was RB04, try R3...
      > Greetings
      > -Roger Ernst
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      > Betreff: [webalizer] upgrade problem
      > Hello,
      > I am trying to upgrade our NT web servers from 1.3 to 2.01.06. NT
      > Sp6a, and IIS 4.0. I've placed the new webalizer.exe and .conf file
      > the directory that we run webalizer from. When I try to run stats it
      > causes an application error. Exception: access violation
      > I've deleted webalizer.current and removed the line for October in
      > webalizer.hist file. I'm running it from the command line to test.
      > This happens on all three servers. Where am I going wrong? Can a
      > misconfigured .conf file cause this? Are there any issues with this
      > webalizer.exe version. I've searched messages but haven't found any
      > posts addressing this. Any idea's to steer me in the right direction
      > would be great.
      > Thank you for your time,
      > Bill Werle
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