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NT 40 Installation

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  • Les Jones
    Folks, Just set up webalizer/win32. After finally understanding the sample.conf file, here s what I got. I m running NT40/IIS40 Frontpage enabled boxes. This
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 5, 2001
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      Just set up webalizer/win32. After finally understanding the sample.conf
      file, here's what I got.

      I"m running NT40/IIS40 Frontpage enabled boxes. This is my setup for IIS.

      Create a folder in \Inetpub\webalizer
      Unzip the webalizer-w32 into that folder.

      open sample.conf into Notepad and Save As webalizer.conf
      open Notepad again and create a xxxxxx.txt file.
      You can name it whatever you like. I choose listserv.txt

      If your hosted domain folders are, for example:


      create a new directory named "usage", as in,


      Open MMC and find the domain you are working with. Right click the
      domain name and select properties.
      Select Enable Logging and "USE" NSCA Common Log File Format. Then select
      the Advanced button and get the W3svc number.

      OK out and back to the webalizer.conf file.

      As a base setup, you only need four lines of information.


      Default NT/IIS installs Logs @ \winnt\system32\LogFiles\W3svc*
      So in this case you would have,

      Logging CFL ( this is for the NCSA Apache style logging and best bet)
      FolderLog C:\winnt\system32\Logfiles\ ( no need to specify the W3svc
      ExtentionLog log (obvious)
      ServerList you'retextfile.txt (listserv.txt)

      OK, To the listserv.txt file. This is where webalizer looks to find and
      then create the proper logs and then where to put them.

      The sample file is very correct.
      Here is a sample based upon the selected information above:

      wa001 C:\winnt\system32\Logfiles\W3svc*

      To add a second domain :

      wa002 C:\winnt\system32\Logfiles\W3svc*

      ad infinitum.....

      How it breaks out.

      wa001 is just a pointer to let webalizer put "multple" domains in some
      C:\winnt\system32\Logfiles\W3svc* = path to absolute logfile for this domain
      C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\foldername\usage = absolute path to the domain folder
      wa001.domainname.com = heres the flag
      www.domainname.com = this is printed in the resulting html page at the top.

      The asterik in the W3svc* is determined by IIS. So be sure you have this

      After y ou have all your settings, run webalizer.exe.
      Webalizer will parse the webalizer.conf file, which you told to go look
      at listserv.txt.
      Webalizer will go right down the list as you have it.

      If you receive error messages, then you can figure you log file is
      trashed. Webalizer cannot interpret, http requests made by code red
      worm, blue worm or nimda or any other IIS attack.
      Check your log files for the these request, they stand out like a sore

      Dump the logs and start fresh. Hope this helps the NT folks.


      seit - noc
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