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Search Strings not working correctly

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  • yahoo@informediation.com
    Hello, Our ISP uses Webalizer to report on our websites traffic. We recently moved one site to another one of their servers. Since then, the Search Strings
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 27, 2004

      Our ISP uses Webalizer to report on our websites' traffic. We recently
      moved one site to another one of their servers. Since then, the Search
      Strings section of the report has not worked correctly.

      Our top string used to be 'online car games' and was for months. Now it's
      'buy a car' and 'game' is _nowhere_ to be found in the report.

      The curious thing is that the ISP confirms that 'games' does appear in the
      raw logs. They have no idea why it doesn't report in Webalizer. (Frankly,
      they want us to download the raw logs and take care of this ourselves. I
      figure it's part of the service, and would cost me time if I did it

      So, what's going on? How can this be fixed? What do I have to ask the ISP
      to do to make it work again? Moving back to the original server is not
      really an option.

      (The other curious thing is that uniques seem to have been halved.)

      Confused.... mk
    • Fabien Chevalier
      ... Hello, Sincerely i m a bit upset by these kind of service providers who don t provide any value-added service but having pieces of free software running
      Message 2 of 3 , Apr 28, 2004
        yahoo@... wrote:

        >Our ISP uses Webalizer to report on our websites' traffic. We recently
        >moved one site to another one of their servers. Since then, the Search
        >Strings section of the report has not worked correctly.
        >Our top string used to be 'online car games' and was for months. Now it's
        >'buy a car' and 'game' is _nowhere_ to be found in the report.
        >The curious thing is that the ISP confirms that 'games' does appear in the
        >raw logs. They have no idea why it doesn't report in Webalizer. (Frankly,
        >they want us to download the raw logs and take care of this ourselves. I
        >figure it's part of the service, and would cost me time if I did it
        >So, what's going on? How can this be fixed? What do I have to ask the ISP
        >to do to make it work again? Moving back to the original server is not
        >really an option.
        >(The other curious thing is that uniques seem to have been halved.)
        >Confused.... mk

        Sincerely i'm a bit upset by these kind of "service providers" who don't
        provide any value-added service but having pieces of free software running
        without beeing able to feed them with correct parameters.

        However i'll just give you the piece of information you want:
        The Search engines (and thus, the ability for webalizer to extract
        is defined in 'webalizer.conf' (keyword SearchEngine).
        I suppose the new server webalizer.conf lacks some of these search engines
        definitions. Quite simple in fact.

        But you don't even have to say this to them. They already now. It's *very*
        clearly explained in the webalizer README. The real issue is that they
        don't seem to be willing to spend time fixing a broken webalizer setup.

        You should really make them understand that you're really unhappy with their
        service, and that you could perfectly go somewhere else if you wanted to.

        Anyway,i hope you will be able to solve this !


      • enventa2000
        To catch all posible search strings, use this search engine list in webalizer.conf. You may wish to strip some engines in certain languages (like .fr engines
        Message 3 of 3 , Apr 28, 2004
          To catch all posible search strings, use this search engine list in
          webalizer.conf. You may wish to strip some engines in certain
          languages (like .fr engines if you have no french language visitors),
          because this list will increase the CPU usage of webalizer, and it
          will take more time to process logs.

          Replace the default list in webalizer.conf, since it is already inside
          this one. Probably the list in your old server and your new server
          were different. Perhaps they are using the default config, which
          misses lots of search strings (a little less than half of them). Read
          this if curious:


          I posted the list here a few days ago, but I have added a few
          french/canadian engines since then. This is from the webalizer.conf I
          have made:


          # Updated SearchEngine list for GRIHO
          # GRIHO Human-Computer Interaction Research Group
          # http://griho.udl.es/webalizer/webalizer.conf.txt
          # IP ranges from customised google for enterprises
          # -
          # -
          # -
          SearchEngine 64.233.160. q=
          SearchEngine 64.233.161. q=
          SearchEngine 64.233.162. q=
          SearchEngine 64.233.163. q=
          SearchEngine 64.233.164. q=
          SearchEngine 64.233.165. q=
          SearchEngine 64.233.166. q=
          SearchEngine 64.233.167. q=
          SearchEngine 64.233.168. q=
          SearchEngine 64.233.169. q=
          SearchEngine 64.233.170. q=
          SearchEngine 64.233.171. q=
          SearchEngine 64.233.172. q=
          SearchEngine 64.233.173. q=
          SearchEngine 64.233.174. q=
          SearchEngine 64.233.175. q=
          SearchEngine 64.233.176. q=
          SearchEngine 64.233.177. q=
          SearchEngine 64.233.178. q=
          SearchEngine 64.233.179. q=
          SearchEngine 64.233.190. q=
          SearchEngine 64.233.191. q=
          SearchEngine 66.102.0. q=
          SearchEngine 66.102.1. q=
          SearchEngine 66.102.2. q=
          SearchEngine 66.102.3. q=
          SearchEngine 66.102.4. q=
          SearchEngine 66.102.5. q=
          SearchEngine 66.102.6. q=
          SearchEngine 66.102.7. q=
          SearchEngine 66.102.8. q=
          SearchEngine 66.102.9. q=
          SearchEngine 66.102.10. q=
          SearchEngine 66.102.11. q=
          SearchEngine 66.102.12. q=
          SearchEngine 66.102.13. q=
          SearchEngine 66.102.14. q=
          SearchEngine 66.102.15. q=
          # one IP from fr.abacho.com
          SearchEngine q=
          # one IP from www.metaspinner-media.de
          SearchEngine qry=
          # more google IPs
          SearchEngine 216.239.32. q=
          SearchEngine 216.239.33. q=
          SearchEngine 216.239.34. q=
          SearchEngine 216.239.35. q=
          SearchEngine 216.239.36. q=
          SearchEngine 216.239.37. q=
          SearchEngine 216.239.38. q=
          SearchEngine 216.239.39. q=
          SearchEngine 216.239.40. q=
          SearchEngine 216.239.41. q=
          SearchEngine 216.239.42. q=
          SearchEngine 216.239.43. q=
          SearchEngine 216.239.44. q=
          SearchEngine 216.239.45. q=
          SearchEngine 216.239.46. q=
          SearchEngine 216.239.47. q=
          SearchEngine 216.239.48. q=
          SearchEngine 216.239.49. q=
          SearchEngine 216.239.50. q=
          SearchEngine 216.239.51. q=
          SearchEngine 216.239.52. q=
          SearchEngine 216.239.53. q=
          SearchEngine 216.239.54. q=
          SearchEngine 216.239.55. q=
          SearchEngine 216.239.56. q=
          SearchEngine 216.239.57. q=
          SearchEngine 216.239.58. q=
          SearchEngine 216.239.59. q=
          SearchEngine 216.239.60. q=
          SearchEngine 216.239.61. q=
          SearchEngine 216.239.62. q=
          SearchEngine 216.239.63. q=
          SearchEngine 163.com q=
          SearchEngine 1klik.dk query=
          SearchEngine 2020search.com Keywords=
          SearchEngine 348north.com search=
          SearchEngine seek.3721.com name=
          SearchEngine 7search.com qu=
          SearchEngine a-site.at query=
          #SearchEngine abacho.at q=
          #SearchEngine abacho.ch q=
          #SearchEngine abacho.de q=
          SearchEngine abacho. q=
          SearchEngine abcsearch.com terms=
          #SearchEngine aberja.at txt=
          #SearchEngine aberja.ch txt=
          #SearchEngine aberja.de txt=
          SearchEngine aberja. txt=
          # about uses zu=?
          SearchEngine about.com terms=
          SearchEngine acoon.de begriff=
          # paid listing engine
          SearchEngine ah-ha.com Q=
          SearchEngine aj.com ask=
          SearchEngine antisearch.net KEYWORDS=
          SearchEngine alexa.com q=
          # allisonline won't usually reveal the search string. Uses also mots=,
          #SearchEngine allisonline.com searchword=
          SearchEngine allesklar.at words=
          SearchEngine allesklar.de words=
          SearchEngine alltheinternet.com q=
          SearchEngine allthesites.com query=
          # alltheweb used query= before
          SearchEngine alltheweb.com q=
          SearchEngine alltheweb. query=
          # altavista used query= before
          #SearchEngine altavista.at q=
          #SearchEngine altavista.ch q=
          #SearchEngine altavista.de q=
          #SearchEngine altavista.com q=
          #SearchEngine altavista.digital.com q=
          SearchEngine altavista. q=
          SearchEngine americaonline.com.mx q=
          SearchEngine ananzi.co.za qt=
          SearchEngine antisearch.net KEYWORDS=
          SearchEngine aolbusqueda. query=
          SearchEngine aolsearch. query=
          # aol. also used query= ?
          SearchEngine aol. q=
          SearchEngine aport.ru r=
          SearchEngine arcor.de Keywords=
          SearchEngine ask.com ask=
          SearchEngine ask.co.uk ask=
          SearchEngine askgeeves.com ask=
          SearchEngine askjeeves. ask=
          SearchEngine atlas.cz searchtext=
          SearchEngine atomz.com sp-q=
          SearchEngine atsearch.at qs=
          SearchEngine att.net qry=
          SearchEngine attbi.com qry=
          SearchEngine augurnet.ch q=
          SearchEngine av.com q=
          SearchEngine austria.at query=
          SearchEngine austriaseek.at Terms=
          SearchEngine austriawww.at sb1=
          SearchEngine a-site.at query=
          SearchEngine search.backflip.com query=
          SearchEngine baidu.com word=
          SearchEngine barrahome.org query=
          # arabic
          SearchEngine batoota.com search_string=
          SearchEngine bbc.co.uk q=
          SearchEngine search.biglobe.ne.jp q=
          SearchEngine biglotron.com q=
          SearchEngine blogdex.net q=
          SearchEngine blogdigger.com queryString=
          SearchEngine blogosphere.us s=
          SearchEngine blogmatrix.com search=
          SearchEngine blogwise.com query=
          SearchEngine blowsearch.com qkw=
          SearchEngine bodenseeinformation.ch search1=
          # boitho is norwegian (also english)
          SearchEngine boitho.com query=
          SearchEngine miner.bol.com.br q=
          SearchEngine brisbane.t-online.de q=
          SearchEngine browserwise. Terms=
          SearchEngine btopenworld. query=
          SearchEngine buscador.americaonline.com.ar query=
          SearchEngine buscador.com s_lookfor=
          SearchEngine buscadorespanol.com keyword=
          SearchEngine busqueda.aol.com.mx query=
          # spanish
          SearchEngine buscamelo.com keywords=
          SearchEngine by.com query=
          SearchEngine c4.com SearchText=
          SearchEngine cab.infoweb.ne.jp q=
          SearchEngine centrum.cz q=
          SearchEngine home.fra.chello.be keywords=
          SearchEngine search.cometsystems.com query=
          SearchEngine cissearch.compuserve.com Term=
          SearchEngine pesquisa.clix.pt question=
          SearchEngine club-internet.fr key=
          SearchEngine cometsystems.com qry=
          SearchEngine crawler.com qry=
          SearchEngine danielsen.com q=
          SearchEngine daypop.com q=
          SearchEngine dealtime.com KW=
          SearchEngine deja.com AN=
          SearchEngine departeclair.com q=
          SearchEngine dino-online.de query=
          SearchEngine dir.com req=
          SearchEngine directhit.com qry=
          SearchEngine dmoz.org search=
          SearchEngine dogpile.com q=
          SearchEngine dpxml qkw=
          SearchEngine search.earthlink. q=
          SearchEngine edderkoppen.dk query=
          SearchEngine egoto.com keywords=
          SearchEngine elf8888.at query0=
          SearchEngine ariadna.elmundo.es q=
          # spanish
          SearchEngine encuentralo.com search=
          SearchEngine engine.exe p1=
          SearchEngine eniro.se q=
          SearchEngine eresmas.com q=
          SearchEngine espotting.com keyword=
          SearchEngine eureka.com q=
          SearchEngine everyday.com query=
          SearchEngine evreka.com q=
          SearchEngine evreka.passagen.se q=
          # euroseek now uses string=
          SearchEngine euroseek. query=
          SearchEngine eurkester.com w=
          SearchEngine evrsoft.com search=
          SearchEngine excite.at key=
          SearchEngine excite.ch key=
          SearchEngine excite.com qkw=
          SearchEngine excite.co.jp search=
          SearchEngine excite.de q=
          SearchEngine excite.es q=
          SearchEngine excite.fr qkw=
          # not all excite engines use search=, so more entries should be added
          for each country
          SearchEngine excite. search=
          SearchEngine ez2find.com qry_str=
          # feedster is a RSS search engine
          SearchEngine feedster.com q=
          SearchEngine findarticles.com key=
          SearchEngine fireball.de q=
          SearchEngine find.dk words=
          # before it used KEYWORDS=
          SearchEngine francite.com name=
          SearchEngine freeball.de q=
          SearchEngine freenet.de query=
          SearchEngine freeserve. q=
          SearchEngine freeweb.hu KERESES=
          SearchEngine free.fr q=
          SearchEngine freshmeat.net q=
          SearchEngine ftxt.quick.cz query=
          SearchEngine furttalweb.ch query=
          SearchEngine gais.cs.ccu.edu.tw q=
          SearchEngine galaxy.com k=
          SearchEngine geeves.com ask=
          SearchEngine gigablast.com q=
          SearchEngine gigabusca.teta.8x.com.br query=
          # go.com used qt= before
          SearchEngine go.com q=
          # go2net before it used general=
          SearchEngine go2net query=
          SearchEngine goeureka.com.au q=
          SearchEngine gogole q=
          SearchEngine goliat.hu KERESES=
          #SearchEngine google.at q=
          #SearchEngine google.be q=
          #SearchEngine google.ch q=
          #SearchEngine google.co.jp q=
          #SearchEngine google.co.kr q=
          #SearchEngine google.co.uk q=
          #SearchEngine google.com.br q=
          #SearchEngine google.de q=
          #SearchEngine google.es q=
          #SearchEngine google.fr q=
          SearchEngine google. q=
          SearchEngine goo.ne.jp MT=
          SearchEngine goto.com Keywords=
          SearchEngine gotonet. q=
          SearchEngine gohip.com sc=
          SearchEngine goshdarn.com query=
          SearchEngine haku.suomi24.fi query=
          SearchEngine haku.www.fi mt=
          SearchEngine heureka.hu heureka=
          SearchEngine buscamundo.com qu=
          SearchEngine buscar.hispavista.com cadena=
          # hotbot before used MT=
          SearchEngine hotbot. query=
          SearchEngine ifind.freeserve q=
          SearchEngine ilse. search_for=
          # index.hu now uses search.php3
          SearchEngine index.hu KERESES=
          SearchEngine infoclic.fr iFullTexQuery=
          SearchEngine infoseek.co.jp qt=
          SearchEngine infoseek.de qt=
          # before it used qt=
          SearchEngine infoseek. q=
          # it uses
          SearchEngine infospace.com qkw=
          SearchEngine infotiger.com qs=
          SearchEngine ingrid.org key=
          # internetto used also searchstr= (disappeared in 2003)
          SearchEngine internetto.hu query=
          SearchEngine interneto.fr Query=
          SearchEngine search.iol.ie q=
          SearchEngine isize.com QueryString=
          SearchEngine ixquick.com query=
          SearchEngine iwon searchfor=
          # german
          SearchEngine jayde.com query=
          # german
          SearchEngine jet2web.net query=
          SearchEngine jubii.dk soegeord=
          SearchEngine kartoo.com q=
          SearchEngine kensaku.org key=
          SearchEngine kobala.nl qr=
          SearchEngine kvasir. q=
          SearchEngine lapkereso.hu key=
          SearchEngine lawcrawler.findlaw.com entry=
          SearchEngine linkspider.co.uk query=
          SearchEngine look.com q=
          SearchEngine looksmart. key=
          # info.lookupanything.net is related to lookupanything.biz but I have
          no info
          SearchEngine hit.lookupanything.biz Keywords=
          SearchEngine lop.com s=
          #SearchEngine lycos.at query=
          #SearchEngine lycos.ch query=
          SearchEngine lycos.co.jp q=
          #SearchEngine lycos.de query=
          #SearchEngine lycos.fr query=
          #SearchEngine lycos.es query=
          SearchEngine lycos. query=
          SearchEngine mamma. query=
          SearchEngine manitoo.ch Terms=
          SearchEngine metacherche.com query=
          # metacrawler used general= before
          SearchEngine metacrawler. q=
          SearchEngine metamoteur.net mots=
          # mirago used txtSearch= before
          SearchEngine mirago.co.uk qry=
          SearchEngine mirago. txtsearch=
          SearchEngine nlsearch qr=
          SearchEngine monstercrawler.com qry=
          SearchEngine montrealplus.ca query=
          SearchEngine mosaicfx.com qw=
          SearchEngine mozdex.com query=
          # msn used MT before. yupimsn.com is also matched using "msn."
          #SearchEngine msn.at q=
          #SearchEngine msn.ch q=
          #SearchEngine msn.co.jp q=
          #SearchEngine msn.de q=
          #SearchEngine msn.com q=
          SearchEngine msn. q=
          # is this infospace (aka intomi)?
          SearchEngine msxml. qkw=
          SearchEngine mysearch.com searchfor=
          SearchEngine myway.com searchfor=
          SearchEngine mywebsearch.com searchfor=
          SearchEngine mx.search.yahoo.com va=
          SearchEngine najdi.com dotaz=
          SearchEngine naver.com query=
          SearchEngine naver.co.jp query=
          SearchEngine nbci.com keyword=
          # netscape used query before
          SearchEngine netscape.fr query=
          SearchEngine netscape.com search=
          SearchEngine netster.com Keywords=
          # japanese
          SearchEngine nifty.com Text=
          SearchEngine ninemsn.com.au q=
          SearchEngine newhoo. search=
          SearchEngine nomade.fr s=
          SearchEngine northernlight.com qr=
          SearchEngine ntlworld.com q=
          SearchEngine odn.ne.jp QueryString=
          SearchEngine ofir.dk querytext=
          # this was temporaly a site who faked searchs to get money. searchs
          from there are misleading. leave commented
          #SearchEngine oingo.com/apps/domainpark s=
          # openfind used q= before
          SearchEngine openfind query=
          SearchEngine opasia.dk q=
          SearchEngine orbis.dk querytext=
          SearchEngine overture. Keywords=
          # ozu.es uses also , as_epq=, as_oq=, &as_eq=, as_filetype=,
          SearchEngine buscador.ozu.es as_q=griho
          SearchEngine passagen.se q=
          SearchEngine picsearch.com q=
          SearchEngine pingwin.ru searchword=
          SearchEngine planetclick.com T=
          SearchEngine popdex query=
          SearchEngine pricegrabber.com form_keyword=
          SearchEngine profusion.com queryterm=
          SearchEngine punto.ru text=
          SearchEngine pursuit. query=
          SearchEngine quebecplus.ca query=
          SearchEngine quepasa.com q=
          SearchEngine quicklinks.ch MOT_CLE=
          SearchEngine radaruol.uol.com.br q=
          SearchEngine radio-canada.ca chaineRecherche=
          SearchEngine rambler.ru words=
          SearchEngine redbox.cz srch=
          SearchEngine reference.ch motclef=
          SearchEngine pesquisa.sapo.pt q=
          SearchEngine scrubtheweb.com keyword=
          SearchEngine sear.ch qry=
          SearchEngine search.ch q=
          # search.com used qt= before
          SearchEngine search.com q=
          SearchEngine search.devx.com q=

          SearchEngine search.searchalot.com query=
          SearchEngine searchco.com term=
          SearchEngine searchalot. q=
          SearchEngine searchhippo.com q=
          SearchEngine searchspider.com q=
          SearchEngine search.seeder.net key=
          SearchEngine serverpages.com query=
          SearchEngine seznam.cz w=
          # sharelook used KEYWD before
          SearchEngine sharelook. keyword=
          SearchEngine sina.com.cn word=
          SearchEngine skynet.be keywords=
          SearchEngine snap.com keyword=
          SearchEngine sohu.com word=
          SearchEngine sok.start.no q=
          SearchEngine sol.dk q=
          SearchEngine search.sol.no query=
          SearchEngine splut. pattern=
          # in spotting you can only see the keyword when they search from an
          SearchEngine affiliate.spotting.fr keyword=
          SearchEngine spotjockey. Search_Keyword=
          SearchEngine spray. string=
          SearchEngine steadysearch.com w=
          SearchEngine suchbiene.de SID=
          SearchEngine suchknecht.at q=
          SearchEngine suchmaschine21.de search=
          SearchEngine suche.web.de su=
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          # swissguide.ch uses also search_canton=
          SearchEngine swissguide.ch search_who_or_what=
          SearchEngine swissone.com REQ=
          SearchEngine syndic8 ShowMatch=
          SearchEngine sympatico.ca query=
          SearchEngine szukaj.wp.pl szukaj=
          SearchEngine t-online.de q=
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          # ukplus also search=
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          SearchEngine vizsla.origo.hu search=
          # some instances of voila use kw=
          SearchEngine voila.fr kw=
          SearchEngine voila. q=
          SearchEngine wahoo.hu q=
          SearchEngine walhello. key=
          SearchEngine waypath.com key=
          SearchEngine web.de su=
          # webcrawler now uses /search/web/
          SearchEngine webcrawler.de qkw=
          SearchEngine webcrawler. searchText=
          SearchEngine webfanatic.lunarpages.com q=
          SearchEngine websearch.com qkw=
          SearchEngine webservicehost.com s=
          # webtop used also QUERY= (it seems to be dead now)
          SearchEngine webtop.com P=
          SearchEngine webwatch.be findindb=
          SearchEngine webwizzard.at q=
          SearchEngine webwombat.com.au i=
          SearchEngine whatuseek.com query=
          SearchEngine whois.sc q=
          SearchEngine wisenut.com q=
          # iwww.ru uses also s2f=
          SearchEngine www.ru Str_Find=
          SearchEngine x-recherche.com MOTS=
          # ya.com spanish uses also q_phrase=
          SearchEngine buscar.ya.com q=
          SearchEngine buscador.ya.com q=
          # we put yp.yahoo (yellow pages) before the other yahoo entries so it
          gets matched properly
          SearchEngine yp.yahoo. stx=
          SearchEngine yahoo.at q=
          #SearchEngine yahoo.ch p=
          #SearchEngine yahoo.com p=
          #SearchEngine yahoo.co.jp p=
          #SearchEngine yahoo.de p=
          SearchEngine yahoo. p=
          SearchEngine yandex.ru text=
          SearchEngine yellowpages.con.au q=
          SearchEngine yoodle.ch q=
          SearchEngine zensearch.com q=
          # indeed,it uses
          SearchEngine zworks.com what=

          # catches too many things? put qt= instead?
          SearchEngine search. q=
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