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SearchEngine list (will catch more keywords)

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  • enventa2000
    This improved list should catch twice as many search keywords as the default configuration file. Check the original file for credits. #
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 10, 2004
      This improved list should catch twice as many search keywords as the
      default configuration file. Check the original file for credits.

      # http://griho.udl.es/webalizer/webalizer.conf.txt
      # IPs from google (this is really going to hurt performance)
      # I will add more as I get word of them
      # -
      # -
      # -
      SearchEngine 64.233.160. q=
      SearchEngine 64.233.161. q=
      SearchEngine 64.233.162. q=
      SearchEngine 64.233.163. q=
      SearchEngine 64.233.164. q=
      SearchEngine 64.233.165. q=
      SearchEngine 64.233.166. q=
      SearchEngine 64.233.167. q=
      SearchEngine 64.233.168. q=
      SearchEngine 64.233.169. q=
      SearchEngine 64.233.170. q=
      SearchEngine 64.233.171. q=
      SearchEngine 64.233.172. q=
      SearchEngine 64.233.173. q=
      SearchEngine 64.233.174. q=
      SearchEngine 64.233.175. q=
      SearchEngine 64.233.176. q=
      SearchEngine 64.233.177. q=
      SearchEngine 64.233.178. q=
      SearchEngine 64.233.179. q=
      SearchEngine 64.233.190. q=
      SearchEngine 64.233.191. q=
      SearchEngine 66.102.0. q=
      SearchEngine 66.102.1. q=
      SearchEngine 66.102.2. q=
      SearchEngine 66.102.3. q=
      SearchEngine 66.102.4. q=
      SearchEngine 66.102.5. q=
      SearchEngine 66.102.6. q=
      SearchEngine 66.102.7. q=
      SearchEngine 66.102.8. q=
      SearchEngine 66.102.9. q=
      SearchEngine 66.102.10. q=
      SearchEngine 66.102.11. q=
      SearchEngine 66.102.12. q=
      SearchEngine 66.102.13. q=
      SearchEngine 66.102.14. q=
      SearchEngine 66.102.15. q=
      # one IP from fr.abacho.com
      SearchEngine q=
      # one IP from www.metaspinner-media.de
      SearchEngine qry=
      # more google IPs
      SearchEngine 216.239.32. q=
      SearchEngine 216.239.33. q=
      SearchEngine 216.239.34. q=
      SearchEngine 216.239.35. q=
      SearchEngine 216.239.36. q=
      SearchEngine 216.239.37. q=
      SearchEngine 216.239.38. q=
      SearchEngine 216.239.39. q=
      SearchEngine 216.239.40. q=
      SearchEngine 216.239.41. q=
      SearchEngine 216.239.42. q=
      SearchEngine 216.239.43. q=
      SearchEngine 216.239.44. q=
      SearchEngine 216.239.45. q=
      SearchEngine 216.239.46. q=
      SearchEngine 216.239.47. q=
      SearchEngine 216.239.48. q=
      SearchEngine 216.239.49. q=
      SearchEngine 216.239.50. q=
      SearchEngine 216.239.51. q=
      SearchEngine 216.239.52. q=
      SearchEngine 216.239.53. q=
      SearchEngine 216.239.54. q=
      SearchEngine 216.239.55. q=
      SearchEngine 216.239.56. q=
      SearchEngine 216.239.57. q=
      SearchEngine 216.239.58. q=
      SearchEngine 216.239.59. q=
      SearchEngine 216.239.60. q=
      SearchEngine 216.239.61. q=
      SearchEngine 216.239.62. q=
      SearchEngine 216.239.63. q=
      SearchEngine 163.com q=
      SearchEngine 1klik.dk query=
      SearchEngine 2020search.com Keywords=
      SearchEngine 348north.com search=
      SearchEngine 7search.com qu=
      SearchEngine a-site.at query=
      #SearchEngine abacho.at q=
      #SearchEngine abacho.ch q=
      #SearchEngine abacho.de q=
      SearchEngine abacho. q=
      SearchEngine abcsearch.com terms=
      #SearchEngine aberja.at txt=
      #SearchEngine aberja.ch txt=
      #SearchEngine aberja.de txt=
      SearchEngine aberja. txt=
      # about uses zu=?
      SearchEngine about.com terms=
      SearchEngine acoon.de begriff=
      # paid listing engine
      SearchEngine ah-ha.com Q=
      SearchEngine antisearch.net KEYWORDS=
      SearchEngine alexa.com q=
      SearchEngine allesklar.at words=
      SearchEngine allesklar.de words=
      SearchEngine alltheinternet.com q=
      SearchEngine allthesites.com query=
      # alltheweb used query= before
      SearchEngine alltheweb.com q=
      SearchEngine alltheweb query=
      # altavista used query= before
      #SearchEngine altavista.at q=
      #SearchEngine altavista.ch q=
      #SearchEngine altavista.de q=
      #SearchEngine altavista.com q=
      #SearchEngine altavista.digital.com q=
      SearchEngine altavista. q=
      SearchEngine aj.com ask=
      SearchEngine antisearch.net KEYWORDS=
      SearchEngine aol. q=
      SearchEngine aolsearch. query=
      SearchEngine aport.ru r=
      SearchEngine arcor.de Keywords=
      SearchEngine ask.com ask=
      SearchEngine ask.co.uk ask=
      SearchEngine askgeeves.com ask=
      SearchEngine askjeeves. ask=
      SearchEngine atlas.cz searchtext=
      SearchEngine atomz.com sp-q=
      SearchEngine att.net qry=
      SearchEngine attbi.com qry=
      SearchEngine augurnet.ch q=
      SearchEngine av.com q=
      SearchEngine austria.at query=
      SearchEngine austriaseek.at Terms=
      SearchEngine austriawww.at sb1=
      SearchEngine a-site.at query=
      SearchEngine search.backflip.com query=
      SearchEngine baidu.com word=
      SearchEngine barrahome.org query=
      # arabic
      SearchEngine batoota.com search_string=
      SearchEngine bbc.co.uk q=
      SearchEngine search.biglobe.ne.jp q=
      SearchEngine biglotron.com q=
      SearchEngine blogdex.net q=
      SearchEngine bodenseeinformation.ch search1=
      SearchEngine blogdigger.com queryString=
      SearchEngine blogosphere.us s=
      SearchEngine blogmatrix.com search=
      SearchEngine blogwise.com query=
      # norwegian (also english)
      SearchEngine boitho.com query=
      SearchEngine miner.bol.com.br q=
      SearchEngine brisbane.t-online.de q=
      SearchEngine browserwise. Terms=
      SearchEngine btopenworld. query=
      SearchEngine buscador.americaonline.com.ar query=
      SearchEngine busqueda.aol.com.mx query=
      # spanish
      SearchEngine buscador.ya.com q=
      # spanish
      SearchEngine buscamelo.com keywords=
      SearchEngine by.com query=
      SearchEngine c4.com SearchText=
      SearchEngine cab.infoweb.ne.jp q=
      SearchEngine centrum.cz q=
      SearchEngine cissearch.compuserve.com Term=
      SearchEngine club-internet.fr key=
      SearchEngine cometsystems.com qry=
      SearchEngine crawler.com qry=
      SearchEngine danielsen.com q=
      SearchEngine daypop.com q=
      SearchEngine dealtime.com KW=
      SearchEngine deja.com AN=
      SearchEngine departeclair.com q=
      SearchEngine dino-online.de query=
      SearchEngine dir.com req=
      SearchEngine directhit.com qry=
      SearchEngine dmoz.org search=
      SearchEngine dogpile.com q=
      SearchEngine dpxml qkw=
      SearchEngine search.earthlink. q=
      SearchEngine edderkoppen.dk query=
      SearchEngine egoto.com keywords=
      SearchEngine elf8888.at query0=
      # spanish
      SearchEngine encuentralo.com search=
      SearchEngine engine.exe p1=
      SearchEngine eniro.se q=
      SearchEngine espotting.com keyword=
      SearchEngine eureka.com q=
      SearchEngine evreka.com q=
      SearchEngine evreka.passagen.se q=
      SearchEngine euroseek. query=
      SearchEngine eurkester.com w=
      SearchEngine evrsoft.com search=
      SearchEngine excite.at key=
      SearchEngine excite.ch key=
      SearchEngine excite.com qkw=
      SearchEngine excite.co.jp search=
      SearchEngine excite.de q=
      SearchEngine excite.es q=
      SearchEngine excite.fr qkw=
      # not all excite engines use search=, so more entries should be added
      for each country
      SearchEngine excite. search=
      SearchEngine ez2find.com qry_str=
      SearchEngine feedster.com q=
      SearchEngine findarticles.com key=
      SearchEngine fireball.de q=
      SearchEngine find.dk words=
      # before it used KEYWORDS=
      SearchEngine francite.com name=
      SearchEngine freeball.de q=
      SearchEngine freenet.de query=
      SearchEngine freeserve. q=
      SearchEngine freeweb.hu KERESES=
      SearchEngine free.fr q=
      SearchEngine freshmeat.net q=
      SearchEngine ftxt.quick.cz query=
      SearchEngine furttalweb.ch query=
      SearchEngine gais.cs.ccu.edu.tw q=
      SearchEngine galaxy.com k=
      SearchEngine geeves.com ask=
      SearchEngine gigablast.com q=
      SearchEngine gigabusca.teta.8x.com.br query=
      # go.com used qt= before
      SearchEngine go.com q=
      # go2net before it used general=
      SearchEngine go2net query=
      SearchEngine goeureka.com.au q=
      SearchEngine gogole q=
      SearchEngine goliat.hu KERESES=
      #SearchEngine google.at q=
      #SearchEngine google.be q=
      #SearchEngine google.ch q=
      #SearchEngine google.co.jp q=
      #SearchEngine google.co.kr q=
      #SearchEngine google.co.uk q=
      #SearchEngine google.com.br q=
      #SearchEngine google.de q=
      #SearchEngine google.es q=
      #SearchEngine google.fr q=
      SearchEngine google. q=
      SearchEngine goo.ne.jp MT=
      SearchEngine goto.com Keywords=
      SearchEngine gotonet. q=
      SearchEngine gohip.com sc=
      SearchEngine goshdarn.com query=
      SearchEngine haku.suomi24.fi query=
      SearchEngine haku.www.fi mt=
      SearchEngine heureka.hu heureka=
      # hotbot before used MT=
      SearchEngine hotbot. query=
      SearchEngine ifind.freeserve q=
      SearchEngine ilse. search_for=
      # index.hu now uses search.php3
      SearchEngine index.hu KERESES=
      SearchEngine infoclic.fr iFullTexQuery=
      SearchEngine infoseek.co.jp qt=
      SearchEngine infoseek.de qt=
      # before it used qt=
      SearchEngine infoseek. q=
      # it uses
      SearchEngine infospace.com qkw=
      SearchEngine infotiger.com qs=
      SearchEngine ingrid.org key=
      SearchEngine interneto.hu searchstr=
      SearchEngine isize.com QueryString=
      SearchEngine ixquick.com query=
      SearchEngine iwon searchfor=
      # german
      SearchEngine jayde.com query=
      # german
      SearchEngine jet2web.net query=
      SearchEngine jubii.dk soegeord=
      SearchEngine kartoo.com q=
      SearchEngine kensaku.org key=
      SearchEngine kobala.nl qr=
      SearchEngine kvasir. q=
      SearchEngine lapkereso.hu key=
      SearchEngine lawcrawler.findlaw.com entry=
      SearchEngine look.com q=
      SearchEngine looksmart. key=
      SearchEngine lop.com s=
      #SearchEngine lycos.at query=
      #SearchEngine lycos.ch query=
      SearchEngine lycos.co.jp q=
      #SearchEngine lycos.de query=
      #SearchEngine lycos.fr query=
      #SearchEngine lycos.es query=
      SearchEngine lycos. query=
      SearchEngine mamma. query=
      SearchEngine manitoo.ch Terms=
      SearchEngine metacherche.com query=
      # metacrawler used general= before
      SearchEngine metacrawler. q=
      SearchEngine metamoteur.net mots=
      # mirago used txtSearch= before
      SearchEngine mirago.co.uk qry=
      SearchEngine mirago. txtsearch=
      SearchEngine nlsearch qr=
      SearchEngine monstercrawler.com qry=
      SearchEngine montrealplus.ca query=
      SearchEngine mosaicfx.com qw=
      # msn used MT before
      #SearchEngine msn.at q=
      #SearchEngine msn.ch q=
      #SearchEngine msn.co.jp q=
      #SearchEngine msn.de q=
      #SearchEngine msn.com q=
      SearchEngine msn. q=
      # is this infospace (aka intomi)?
      SearchEngine msxml. qkw=
      SearchEngine mysearch.com searchfor=
      SearchEngine mywebsearch.com searchfor=
      SearchEngine mx.search.yahoo.com va=
      SearchEngine najdi.com dotaz=
      SearchEngine naver.com query=
      SearchEngine naver.co.jp query=
      SearchEngine nbci.com keyword=
      # netscape used query before
      SearchEngine netscape.fr query=
      SearchEngine netscape.com search=
      SearchEngine netster.com Keywords=
      # japanese
      SearchEngine nifty.com Text=
      SearchEngine ninemsn.com.au q=
      SearchEngine newhoo. search=
      SearchEngine nomade.fr s=
      SearchEngine northernlight.com qr=
      SearchEngine ntlworld.com q=
      SearchEngine odn.ne.jp QueryString=
      SearchEngine ofir.dk querytext=
      # this was temporaly a site who faked searchs to get money. searchs
      from there are misleading. leave commented
      #SearchEngine oingo.com/apps/domainpark s=
      # openfind used q= before
      SearchEngine openfind query=
      SearchEngine opasia.dk q=
      SearchEngine orbis.dk querytext=
      SearchEngine overture. Keywords=
      SearchEngine picsearch.com q=
      SearchEngine pingwin.ru searchword=
      SearchEngine planetclick.com T=
      SearchEngine popdex query=
      SearchEngine pricegrabber.com form_keyword=
      SearchEngine profusion.com queryterm=
      SearchEngine punto.ru text=
      SearchEngine pursuit. query=
      SearchEngine quebecplus.ca query=
      SearchEngine quepasa.com q=
      SearchEngine quicklinks.ch MOT_CLE=
      SearchEngine radaruol.uol.com.br q=
      SearchEngine radio-canada.ca chaineRecherche=
      SearchEngine rambler.ru words=
      SearchEngine redbox.cz srch=
      SearchEngine reference.ch motclef=
      SearchEngine pesquisa.sapo.pt q=
      SearchEngine scrubtheweb.com keyword=
      SearchEngine sear.ch qry=
      SearchEngine search.ch q=
      SearchEngine search.cometsystems.com query=
      # search.com used qt= before
      SearchEngine search.com q=
      SearchEngine search.devx.com q=
      SearchEngine search.internetto.hu query=
      SearchEngine search.msn q=
      SearchEngine search.searchalot.com query=
      SearchEngine search.terra. query=
      SearchEngine searchco.com term=
      SearchEngine searchalot. q=
      SearchEngine searchhippo.com q=
      SearchEngine searchspider.com q=
      SearchEngine searchspider.com q=
      SearchEngine serverpages.com query=
      SearchEngine seznam.cz w=
      # sharelook used KEYWD before
      SearchEngine sharelook. keyword=
      SearchEngine sina.com.cn word=
      SearchEngine skynet.be keywords=
      SearchEngine snap.com keyword=
      SearchEngine sohu.com word=
      SearchEngine sok.start.no q=
      SearchEngine sol.dk q=
      SearchEngine search.sol.no query=
      SearchEngine splut. pattern=
      SearchEngine spotjockey. Search_Keyword=
      SearchEngine spray. string=
      SearchEngine suchbiene.de SID=
      SearchEngine suchknecht.at q=
      SearchEngine suchmaschine21.de search=
      SearchEngine suche.web.de su=
      SearchEngine swissart.net q=
      SearchEngine swissguide.ch search_who_or_what=
      SearchEngine swissone.com REQ=
      SearchEngine syndic8 ShowMatch=
      SearchEngine sympatico.ca query=
      SearchEngine szukaj.wp.pl szukaj=
      SearchEngine technorati query=
      SearchEngine teensearch query=
      # teoma used t= before
      SearchEngine teoma.com q=
      SearchEngine teradex.com q=
      SearchEngine texis q=
      SearchEngine thunderstone.com q=
      SearchEngine tiscali.fr s=
      SearchEngine toile.qc.ca query=
      SearchEngine topclick.com Q=
      SearchEngine tucherches.ch query=
      SearchEngine turkfree.com keywords=
      SearchEngine t-online.de q=
      # ukplus also search=
      SearchEngine ukdirectory k=
      SearchEngine ukindex.co.ok stext=
      SearchEngine ukplus key=
      SearchEngine verizon.net qkw=
      SearchEngine vindex in=
      SearchEngine virgilio.it qs=
      SearchEngine vivisimo.com query=
      SearchEngine vizsla.origo.hu/katalogus q=
      SearchEngine vizsla.origo.hu search=
      SearchEngine voila.fr kw=
      # some instances of voila use kw=
      SearchEngine voila. q=
      SearchEngine wahoo.hu q=
      SearchEngine walhello. key=
      SearchEngine waypath.com key=
      SearchEngine web.de su=
      SearchEngine webcrawler.de qkw=
      SearchEngine webcrawler. searchText=
      SearchEngine webfanatic.lunarpages.com q=
      SearchEngine websearch.com qkw=
      SearchEngine webservicehost.com s=
      # webtop used also QUERY= (it seems to be dead now)
      SearchEngine webtop.com P=
      SearchEngine webwatch.be findindb=
      SearchEngine webwizzard.at q=
      SearchEngine webwombat.com.au i=
      SearchEngine whatuseek.com query=
      SearchEngine whois.sc q=
      SearchEngine wisenut.com q=
      # is this one right?
      SearchEngine www.ru Str_Find=
      SearchEngine x-recherche.com MOTS=
      # we put yp.yahoo (yellow pages) before the other yahoo entries so it
      gets matched properly
      SearchEngine yp.yahoo. stx=
      SearchEngine yahoo.at q=
      #SearchEngine yahoo.ch p=
      #SearchEngine yahoo.com p=
      #SearchEngine yahoo.co.jp p=
      #SearchEngine yahoo.de p=
      SearchEngine yahoo. p=
      SearchEngine yandex.ru text=
      SearchEngine yoodle.ch q=
      SearchEngine zensearch.com q=
      # indeed,it uses
      SearchEngine zworks.com what=

      # catches too many things? put qt= instead?
      SearchEngine search. q=
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